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Productivity Bootcamp Review: Is it really Life Done Better?

There really aren't enough hours in the day sometimes, right? If you're anything like me, your to-do list can often be overwhelming and never-ending, especially when you have young children at home. The Internet is full of productivity hacks and YouTubers claiming that there's a way that you can "do it all". Productivity ninjas are getting up at 4am and squeezing so much into their day and seeming to do it all calmly and without a hair out of place. And over here, us mere mortals are dragging ourselves out of bed after pressing the snooze button for the fifth time following a sleepless night with the youngest (or eldest) child. Sound familiar? Then you need to read this post!

I've been following Jordan Page of for a good while now - reading her blog, watching her YouTube and also following along on her Instagram and she is a charming, energetic but real combination of productivity ninja and real mom/real mortal. In case you're not familiar with her, she's a Mum of 8 (yes, I said 8) kids which include adorable twin babies, and is the lady behind the channels I've mentioned but also the Productivity Bootcamp and Budget Bootcamp programs. 

For the month of May, there was completely free access to both of these programs for absolutely everyone, and as I'd been hearing about the benefits of both for a while, I signed up for both straight away. Today however I'm just going to talk you through Productivity Bootcamp.

So what is it? And how does it turn you into a productivity ninja I hear you ask?

Productivity Bootcamp is an online productivity program/workshop which includes 28 videos (plus a few bonus ones), a digital Productivity Planner workbook for you to download, print and keep, and access to a private Facebook group. The 28 videos are from Jordan herself and then the bonus videos are with some different guest speakers. 

It is a very unique program which takes you through the process of finding out how you can be more productive in your own life in 6 weeks or less, depending on the speed at which you go through the videos and tasks. It claims that it doesn't mean doing more but in fact will teach you how to organize your time better, cut out wasting time on unnecessary tasks, prioritize better and find more time in your schedule for the things you actually want to do - for fun, relaxation and growth. 

I won't go into too much detail but highlights of the course include identifying your pain points, creating a block (time blocking) schedule, creating systems and setting priorities. There are so many helpful tips and tricks that it would be impossible to list them all but I particularly liked Jordan's Microwave Principle and her mindset of learning that it's okay to say no sometimes - this is something I always struggle with!

The videos are incredibly easy to watch - Jordan is so engaging and warm that I literally sat up half the night some nights, keen to move onto the next video to see what it was all about (which however I would not advise with two young kiddies who like to get up at the crack of dawn..).

Her workbook is so easy to go through - and the process of setting up a block schedule is really well explained - and an absolute game changer.  

Since completing the course, while I've still some way to go in becoming a productivity expert, I've implemented the block schedule and have been using it every single day. ( I purchased her digital Productivity Planner Lite which is a printable of her sold out paper planners and it was such a good buy). I've set up a homework/chore clipboard system for the small fella which will be incredibly useful at back to school time, and I've made many small changes to make our family life - and my life - that little bit easier on a daily basis. 

This program is definitely worth looking into for anyone out there who's struggling to prioritize their day or to do the things that need to be done yet still leave time for actual fun. It will be especially beneficial as we approach back-to-school time and all the challenges that brings - and as those who had been working from home start to move back to their workplaces. Jordan doesn't tell you to completely change your life or that she wants you to do "more" and that really makes her relatable to the rest of us "normal" women. 

You can 'do it all'...just not all at once. The real secret comes down to doing what you need to do more efficiently, so you can do what you want to do, more frequently. Going to bed fulfilled at the end of the night; THAT is the power of productivity."

-- Jordan Page, PBC creator

You can find out more about Jordan here and about the Productivity Bootcamp program here. At the moment, the program costs $149 - payable either once off or in installments - which is reasonable enough for an online course these days, and you will have access to the program for 12 months. But do keep an eye on their social media pages for any special offers and discount codes if you're interested but think it's a little out of your price range. (I'm saying a lil prayer that they offer the programs for free again at some point in time!). I don't want to tell you how to spend your money but at the very least, do please check out Jordan's block scheduling system - she has a full YouTube video on it here - and her website for so many (free) tips on productivity, budgeting and frugal living. I promise you won't regret it! 

What do you struggle with in your day? What do you need to do more of? Or wish you could do more of? Are you a productivity ninja with some tips for the rest of us? Please do feel free to comment below as always.

Bye for now,

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