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How to: Quick and Easy Eyebrow Routine using Primark PS..Brow Sketch Pencil

Isn't it amazing the difference eyebrows can make? They really frame the face and absolutely enhance any eye makeup that you apply - and the best bit is that they can make it appear as though you've made lots of effort with your makeup even if you've only taken a couple of minutes and a couple of products! Today I have the quickest and simplest step-by-step guide for defining and shaping your eyebrows. All you will need are two products and two brushes. 

The products I'm using are:

Primark /Penneys Brow Sketch Pencil in Dark Brown. 

This is a micro fine brow pencil which comes with a handy spoolie at the other end. It only costs a couple of Euro and is so popular that it regularly sells out in stores - the Dark Brown shade in particular.

Plouise Cosmetics Eye Base in Shade 2.

If you don't have the Plouise base, you're missing out - see why in my review of it here - but you can use whatever concealer that you have to hand. 

The brushes/tools that you will need are:

A flat concealer brush. In this guide I'm using the Anastasia Beverley Hills no.18 brush but I can also personally vouch for the Inglot 22T, the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F17 and the Plouise base brushes. You can use whatever flat concealer brush you have to hand for now.

A fluffy eyeshadow blending brush.

For this guide, I used the Zoeva 224 but any smaller blending brush will give you the same result.

Step 1:

The first step is knowing where to fill in your brows - where they should start, where the highest point of the arch should be, and where they should end. A handy little trick for this is to hold the pencil/any pencil alongside your nose and the inner portion of your eye. This will tell you where to start your brow. Then, place the pencil in front of the centre of your pupil - this will tell you where the highest point of your arch should be. Finally, angle the pencil diagonally from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where your brow should end. 

Step 2:

Start by drawing in the lower line of your brow - starting at the inside and going out to where that tail should finish.

Then draw a line for the top of your brow - from the inside to the end of the tail, joining it up with the bottom line. Essentially now you have created the outline of your brow. 

Step 3:  

Using light strokes, fill in between those two lines, lightly flicking the pencil upwards to create brow hairs/mimic brow strokes. I have extremely fair and sparse eyebrows so you may not need to do as much "drawing" as me :) 

Step 4:

Flick the pencil up really gently at the front of the brow to define there - the hairs here are naturally more sparse than the rest of your brows so make sure you go lightly. When you're done, use the spoolie to brush through any excess product or to tidy up any stray hairs. 

Step 5:

Take your Plouise base or your concealer of choice and your flat concealer brush. Make sure you have plenty of product on the brush, and, holding it horizontally, apply the product right up to that lower line that you drew earlier. Ensure that you go slowly with this step and try to be as precise as you can.

Then, take the same brush and pat the base/concealer all over your lid to even things out and cover any redness etc and also to prep for applying your eyeshadow. 

Step 6: 

Take your fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend out the edges of the base to remove any harsh lines. 

And that's it! How easy was that?!

I will leave a link to my tutorial on Instagram here in case you would like to head over there for a watch where I talk you through the steps as well as showing you them in practice.

I hope you found this helpful. If you would like me to do some more "how-to" posts and videos please let me know in the comments and I'd be more than happy to help.

Bye for now,

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