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Rose Quartz Facial Massage: A Little Self-Care Ritual

The healing powers of crystals are not something that is often talked about in the beauty community and is much more likely to be chatted about in spiritual/healing circles. However over the last few months, I've found myself exploring crystals, natural beauty and related holistic therapies. Crystals are often used in beauty and self-care routines too and when I read up on a facial massage using one of the Rose Quartz facial rollers and I was very curious. So when I noticed that Aldi were selling Rose Quartz and Jade facial rollers a while ago, I decided to pick up one to try out.

If you're not familiar with them, facial rollers are a double-ended tool, which have a larger, smooth, polished rotating crystal on one end and a smaller one on the other end. They can usually be made -from either Rose Quartz or Jade crystals. Both stones are known to have anti-ageing properties and are said to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Although it's not available currently, the Aldi Lacura Quartz Face Roller is said to help reduce fine lines, tighten and lift skin and promote lymphatic drainage and help boost circulation. If memory serves me right, I paid around €10 for it. Their Special Buys do often come and go, especially the Beauty Special Buys, so there's always a small chance that it may return to stores. However, I will leave some links at the end of this post to similar alternatives if you would like to try one out as I'm not necessarily reviewing the specific Aldi brand here - more the practice itself of using one.

So how do you use these?

First of all, I recommend that you do make a little ritual out of this little routine and light your favourite candle or incense and let the fragrance fill the room, dim the lights and pop on some relaxing music. 

What you will need is a moisturiser, facial oil or serum of your choice - I tend to use either Ultrapure Labs Rosehip Oil or Aldi's Lacura Rose Oil with mine, the roller, and about ten minutes of your time if you're going to make this into a mini pamper session.

After you have removed your makeup and cleansed your skin, apply your facial oil/moisturiser to your face but don't massage it in. Instead, take the roller, and using the smaller side, sweep upwards from your eyebrows to your hairline, repeating each stroke a few times - up to 5 times is usually recommended. Then do the same motions gently under the eye area, sweeping upwards. You want to be moving the roller upwards all the time to help defy gravity and lift the skin :) 

Keep going along the cheeks, cheekbones and jawline on both sides of the face, using the same upward motions up towards the ears and hairline.

When it comes to the neck area, you want to work in the opposite direction, sweeping downwards from the chin and jawline. 

You can practice this little ritual as often as you like but twice or three times a week would be sufficient. You can also store the roller in the fridge for an even more cooling effect. 

I have to say, I really enjoy using this facial roller and find the practice incredibly relaxing, cooling and soothing - regardless of whether it's taking away my fine lines or not :) I find it definitely helps to reduce tension and is a welcome addition to my nighttime skincare routine of late. If you are curious about them too, I absolutely recommend giving facial rollers a try. 

Have you tried an at-home facial massage tool? Or are you interested in adding crystals to your beauty routines? I would love to hear your thoughts so please do join in the comments below!

And in the meantime, here are some links to alternative rollers that you might like to check out. 

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