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Beauty In The Kitchen: Testing A DIY Facemask

DIY facemasks
Happy New Year lovely folk! Hope you all enjoyed the festive season or at least had a peaceful time if it wasn't a wonderful time of the year for you. While planning and setting myself goals for the New Year, I realised that it was time I tightened the reins a bit - well a good bit- in terms of spending on beauty products. My drawers are full of products that I haven't even tried yet or haven't made a good dent in yet, so for January, I'm putting myself on a no-spend/shop my stash challenge. And while this mostly involves using up what I have, it also means getting a bit resourceful. So where better to start than with the kitchen cupboards for some DIY skincare?

I spent a bit of time on Pinterest and with Mr. Google before deciding on the recipe to try - and it's one from that appealed to me - a nourishing Avocado, Honey and Oat Face Mask. A simple of list of only three ingredients and a claim of hydrating and nourishing dry skin seemed like a good first choice.

So what are the ingredients needed?

1/2 an avocado.
1 tablespoon of honey.
A handful of oats.

And why are these ingredients good for your skin?

Avocados are full of good fats and oils to nourish the skin, and honey is known for its humectant (moisture retaining) properties and oats are often used in skincare products for their healing, calming and moisturising qualities.

There weren't really any method instructions but as it seemed simple enough, all I did was mash the avocado and mix it with the oats and honey.

DIY facemask avocado and honey recommend to leave this on for 15 minutes. My first impression was that I definitely added too many oats - a very small handful is all that's needed otherwise you will end up with a very lumpy mask like I did!

However, the mask did feel cooling and refreshing on the skin. I would recommend using either a brush or a silicone applicator type tool to apply the mask as it really didn't go on well for me with my fingers.  I expected it to feel sticky with the honey but I was pleasantly surprised and it left no sticky residue. I did look a bit Shrek-like as you can see but thankfully the boys were out cycling and Little Miss was having a nap so there was no-one there to witness it :)

DIY facemask avocado and honey

When the time came to rinse this off, I used damp tissue to remove the excess first, then rinsed off with warm water and a muslin cloth. (Top tip: don't use one of your best cleansing cloths as it is quite messy to remove!)

And my final verdict?

My skin felt noticeably soft and a little plumper after use and despite the messiness I was really impressed. As a budget-friendly, natural and environmentally-friendly face mask for dry skin, it gets a thumbs-up from me and I will definitely do a bit more experimenting with some other recipes soon.

Have you made your own skincare or beauty products? If so please feel welcome to share your tips below!

Bye for now,

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