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June Favourites

I know I probably say this nearly every month but my goodness June went by so fast! Between sick kiddies and endless to do lists and appointments and play days it just seemed to fly and here we are almost in July and I'm still as disorganised as I was this time last month! Nevertheless I thought I'd share with you a few of the products that I discovered recently that I then ended up reaching for almost every day.

LOLA Makeup BB Cream.

You may have seen on my Instastories that this was very kindly sent to me a few weeks ago and as it was in perfect timing for our upcoming trip, I decided to take it with me to try out. It is a BB cream containing Hyaluronic Acid and SPF20, BB creams aren't as heavy or full coverage as foundation, and are usually designed to be moisturisers, SPF and a light foundation all in one. This makes them perfect for warmer weather when you're like me and not brave enough to go barefaced but don't want to have your foundation melting off your skin in the heat or clogging up your pores. I found this BB cream to be very hydrating - you could definitely identify the hyaluronic acid part - and gave a little bit of a sunkissed glow to my skin while evening it out a bit. On holiday, in the evenings, I used this BB cream, a little under-eye concealer and that was pretty much it. Not only was it all I had time for really while we were away (dinner time has to be early with a baby and a small child lol) but it was enough to take away the bare look. I've been using this since we came home too for times when I don't even have time for my usual everyday makeup and honestly I can say I would absolutely purchase this myself. Just bear in mind though, that BB creams in general are not meant to be full coverage - they are designed to be lightweight and sheer so if you are an Estee Lauder Double Wear everyday kind of gal then this mightn't be for you! You can find out more about it here.

Rituals Cosmetics Ritual of Dao Balancing Foaming Shower Gel.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you will know all about my love for Rituals products. They are my absolute favourite bath and body products and although they feel extremely luxurious and like you're treating yourself to a day at a spa, they are very affordable. Finding time to slow down, to relax and to find pleasure in everyday things is very much part of the Rituals philosophy and all of their products definitely reflect this.

This shower gel and the next favourite I'm going to mention were part of a beautiful Rituals gift box that my hubby bought me for Christmas ( he knows me well lol) and I finally decided to open up the box and put the treats inside it to good use. Dao is an ancient Chinese philosophy based on achieving balance between Yin and Yang to find peace and tranquility, and this range contains the fragrance of White Lotus and the nourishing qualities of Yi Yi Ren, which is an ingredient of Chinese medicine.

These foaming shower gels are my absolute favourite shower gels - they spray out as a gel then transform to a rich, beautifully fragranced foam when they are applied to the skin. I've tried a good few of them at this stage and Ritual of Dao is definitely my new favourite. It's almost impossible to explain the fragrance but you most definitely need to go and check them out. It's like a little spa treat every morning and they are so moisturising on the skin too. And even better, they are a multitasking product as you can use them as a shaving foam too. Each of their shower foams cost €8.50 which is very reasonable for the quality and the amount of product - they last absolutely ages. You can find them in some department stores, online and also they now have a few stand alone stores opening up - with one in Dundrum Town Centre and one in Blanchardstown Centre and in Dublin City Centre in Grafton Street. If none of these stores are near you, then you can buy directly from Rituals online here.

Rituals Cosmetics Ritual of Dao Be Kind To Your Skin Body Cream.

I've raved enough about this brand and this range enough above so I won't go into too much detail but this is another beautiful product with a gorgeous fragrance that leaves the skin beautifully soft. It comes in a large tub on its own or you can buy the smaller tubes here as part of their gift sets or travel ranges. After my morning shower I've been covering myself in this and the scent lingers on the skin throughout the day - especially if you have layered it with the shower gel. Honestly I'll be so sad when this runs out and I'll definitely be treating myself to the larger tub!

Carrie & Co Perfectly Planned 2019 Planner. 

I know this isn't makeup or beauty-related but from time to time I do like to share some lifestyle-related favourites if I feel like they may benefit someone out there. And this is definitely one of those. If you haven't heard of them, Carrie&Co are a brand created by Carrie Green, the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, and was designed as the ultimate business planner to keep you inspired and focused and help you achieve your goals.

I first saw these planners on Lydia Elise Millen's Instastories and straight away I knew I had to have one - I was totally "influenced"! I've always admired Lydia's style, her content, and basically everything lol and I admire her work ethic a lot too not just the designer bag collection!
 I purchased mine in the New Year and when it arrived, not only was it beautifully packaged in its own specially designed and illustrated box, the quality and presentation of the planner itself did not disappoint. It contains daily pages to help you plan your day - for early birds and night owls it has hourly slots from 6am to 10pm and monthly planning pages to set your goals and then review your progress when the month has reached its end. Each page also has a small motivational quote for inspiration too.

The planners come in two colour ways - pink with a gold coil and gold finishes and grey with rose gold details and coil. I chose the grey but both are equally stunning and the quality of them is excellent - you know that they will last the full year. 

It is large in size and quite heavy so not really portable or handbag sized but perfect for your desk top or table top. 

I have to say this is the most elegant yet functional planner I've ever used. So many of the features really do help you to keep focused on what you want to achieve either on a daily or monthly basis and the layout is really simple to use. This deserves its own blog post which I would absolutely do if anyone is interested to know more - just let me know! 

SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Sunset Trio Palette. 

I think we all know by now that I cannot resist a new face palette - especially if there's a highlighter and a rose gold toned blush in it. So it went without saying then that I would pick this one up at some point! The Sunset Trio palette, brought out as a sister to their Ultimate Trio palette, is SOSU's latest face palette and it contains the contour shade from the Ultimate Trio palette, a rose-gold toned (claimed to be universally flattering) blusher and a champagne gold highlighter, all in handy and very portable palette.

Immediately I could see that the contour shade is definitely on the warm side so it may not suit everyone to be fair, but I use it as a bronzer as opposed to a traditional contour product and it works well. The blusher has a lovely shimmer to it and is quite a subtle shade yet you could build it up more if you wished. The highlighter is probably my favourite out of the 3 powders (surprise, surprise eh!) The powder itself is soft and smooth not chalky, and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. Again, you can build it up for a more "seen from space" kind of look. 

I brought this Sunset Trio palette with me on our recent family holiday and it is really very handy for this purpose - it is compact and has everything you will need in one. I also used this for eyeshadow whilst away instead of hauling a load of makeup with me (the joys of budget airlines lol). It is also very good value at only €12.95. I picked mine up in my local pharmacy and it can be found on the SoSu website and Cloud10 Beauty as well as in many pharmacies. 

So that's everything I've had the chance to give a good test run for the past few weeks or that I've been loving - June has been a super busy month! If you've tried any of these or if you're keen to, please do let me know your thoughts!

Bye for now,

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