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Everyday Makeup Routine: Mum of 2

Mum of 2 Everyday Makeup Routine

I'm sure lots of parents out there will agree with me that there aren't enough days in the week, never mind hours in the day. Since Little Miss came along six months ago, my notion of "busy" has been completely redefined. I thought I was busy with one child - but having two is a whole other ball game! Little Miss L's arrival coincided with Little Man starting primary school so there has been more changes and more juggling, so even more of a need for a routine - well for me at least.

There are a few small daily routines that help me feel a little bit more on top of my s*** - including making the beds first thing in the morning, washing baby bottles before making breakfast/school lunch and putting some makeup on my face. Granted, not all of these are essential but they help me feel a little more ready to take on the day! So, here is my very simple, everyday makeup (or no-makeup makeup) routine.

All in all, this usually takes me around 10 minutes but I can do it in 7 or 8 if I'm really pushed for time.Before I start applying makeup, I have usually cleansed with a hot cloth cleanser, applied my Pestle & Mortar Hyaluronic Serum, Moisturiser and Face Spritz to ensure that my skin is fresh, prepped and moisturised. This ritual also helps me feel a little more awake than I really am!

Mum of 2 Everyday Makeup Routine


Mum of 2 Everyday Makeup Routine

Almost without thinking now, brows are the first part of my makeup every time. My natural brows are nearly non-existent, and even if I don't have time to put on any other makeup at all, I will always fill in my brows as I think it can make such a difference to the face. Recently, I had been loving the Penneys Brow Sketch pencil in Dark however my current one has run out and I haven't been able to get my hands on a new one yet. So instead, I have their Contour and Highlight Brow Pencil which is a thicker pencil so not as precise but it's fine for this purpose for every day use. For this type of makeup, I only lightly fill them in as I won't be using a ton of eye makeup either to balance out a heavy brow.


Mum of 2 Everyday Makeup Routine

When I'm really in a hurry, this is absolutely the easiest base product - the SoSu by Suzanne Jackson Concealer stick in Light. I know it's meant to be concealer but I am that naturally pale and in need of a good level of coverage that it works almost like the old Panstick on me. A  few strokes on each area of the face is usually enough but if it's a rough skin day I'll add more where needed. I generally use either a flat or rounded dense, kabuki-type brush to buff it into the skin.

After this, I will add concealer to the under eye area and centre of the face - and the concealer that comes out of my beauty drawer most often these days is the Penneys PS.. My Perfect Colour Concealer in Porcelain. I blend this in using a smaller kabuki brush like the Blank Canvas Magnimarble MF56. A quick dust of Penneys Foundation Powder in Ivory and that's the base done.

Mum of 2 Everyday Makeup Routine


Mum of 2 Everyday Makeup Routine

The Luna by Lisa Face Palette is a quick and easy go to for me on those weekday mornings - again not going too heavy with any of the products. What I'm usually after is just a hint of colour and glow so I use a little of the bronzer/contour shade, blush and a small amount of highlight. Taking a clean, large fluffy powder brush and sweeping it over the face afterwards helps to just blend all of the powders together and take away any harsh lines.


All I can usually manage for the eyes is a quick sweep of the contour shade from the Luna by Lisa palette into the crease with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, then a dab of the highlight onto the lid using my finger. As what goes up must always come down,  I will use the same eye brush to apply a little of the contour shade under the lower lash line too. A quick coat of Lola Makeup Mega Volume mascara and dab of the eyelight from the Luna by Lisa palette under the brows and in the inner corners of the eyes and that's it.


In all honesty, most days it's just a little nude liner and a dab of lip balm that I manage to apply before one of the smallies needs attention, but sometimes I will dab the tiniest bit of a matte nude lipstick such as Mac's Honey Love or Yash over the lips after the liner just to create a simple matte lip -only the tiniest amount though so that  I don't remove absolutely all colour from the lips!

And that is it - face finished and a slightly more awake looking Mama! Granted the eye bags are still there and to be fair, no amount of concealer will really get rid of those but at least in my head, having a bit of a face on helps me feel more ready to tackle the day ahead.

Mum of 2 Everyday Makeup Routine

Here is a link to the video tutorial on Instagram of this look in case you would like to watch:

What's your everyday makeup routine? And what are your favourite time-saving, multi-purpose beauty products? You're more than welcome to share in the comments below!

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