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P.Louise Base & Brush Duo Review

P.Louise Base Review

As a makeup artist but also someone who loves to experiment with eyeshadow on herself, I've always admired the work of the artists at P.Louise Makeup Academy. P.Louise Makeup Academy is named after the founder, Paige, a young woman from Manchester who once worked as a Mac artist and has now become rather a sensation in the makeup industry with her renowned Academy and her incredible range of makeup products. The first of these to be created and launched was the now almost iconic P.Louise base.

So what is this base that makeup mad women are going doo-lally for these days, I hear you ask?
It's an eyeshadow base - a very high-coverage concealer-type base - that you apply all over the eye, up to underneath the brow. The aim of this base is to create a totally blank canvas for eyeshadow - to cover any pigmentation, redness, broken veins, imperfections etc.

Paige created this base after realising that the discontinuation of Mac's Select Coverup Concealer left a big gap in the market for a similar product, and also left her artists needing an alternative to the concealer that had been their go-to product. It was initially created in one shade - Rumour - which was said to be a shade that would suit a variety of skin tones. It is now available in several shades - 7 shades if you exclude the Black Badda Base - starting from pure white and going up to Shade 5 which is said to suit skintones which wear foundations in shades up to Mac's NW50. I have the full collection of shades in my freelance kit, but this duo is for my personal use.

The Base & Brush Duo was a limited edition set brought out for Christmas just gone, and the set contained a 15ml tube of the base in the original Shade 2, and a limited edition non-synthetic brush with a white handle, gold ferrule and P.Louise log detailing. It is still available on their website and the duo costs £19.00. A tube of the base costs £10 on its own so essentially you are paying £9 for the brush and the limited edition packaging/presentation. (The standard tube of the base comes in a black tube).

P.Louise Base Review

P.Louise Base Review

So how do you use this base then?

The key is to use either the above brush, or a similar flat concealer brush such as a Mac 242S, Inglot 22T or Zoeva 144 - and first of all carve out the underneath of the brow after you have filled the brows in with your brow product of choice. Then the trick is to pat the product all over the lid area - and under the eye too - and to be quite generous with it. It will go tacky but not completely dry which is what you want to achieve.

Also, contrary to popular makeup artist belief, Paige says that this product should NOT be set with powder. Instead, you go straight over the base with your eyeshadows and blend, blend, blend!

So what's my verdict?

P.Louise Base Review

P.Louise Base Review
P.Louise Base Review

I have to admit, I was curious to see whether this product would live up to the hype. Well it most certainly does. It uses some kind of wizardry to make the pigment in the eyeshadows really pop, and I love how it completely camouflages the lid - and my dark circles underneath the eyes too! It creates a completely blank canvas for eyeshadows and pigments and if you use this base, your eyeshadow will not budge for the whole day. You can see in the swatches above just how good the coverage is.

However, I do have one small issue and it's not with the product itself but with the shipping cost. Shipping from Manchester in the UK to here in Ireland is charged at a flat rate of £9.99 - and the base itself costs £10 so if you're just buying one little tube of the base it might be worth waiting for one of their free shipping offers (keep an eye on the P..Louise Instagram page) or else order with a friend maybe and split the cost. Mind you I don't think I've ever ordered just one product from them as to be honest I've found a lot of their products to be excellent - I'll save the rest for another blog post!

In the below makeup look, I've used the base and not only did the shadows show up much stronger and brighter but they stayed on for the entire day. In my opinion this is definitely worth the hype!

P.Louise Base Review

If you've tried this product, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Or do you bother with an eyeshadow base? Let us know in the comments.

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