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Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set Review

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

Towards the end of last year, Blank Canvas Cosmetics brought out a Limited Edition makeup brush set and I’ve been using them since then and I thought now would be a good time to give you my thoughts on them. Say hello to the incredibly Instagrammable Magnimarble Makeup Brush set..
Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

The Magnimarble Makeup Brush set is a 10 piece set of magnetic brushes with a marble and copper design, as well as a magnetic marble design frame holder, all presented in an elegant marble gift box.
The brushes themselves have copper ferrules and magnetic bases, marble designs on the handles and black/dark grey and white bristles.The magnetic brushes can attach to the frame holder for display or drying purposes. The set costs €100.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

Blank Canvas have been one of my most used makeup brush brands for a long time – and they are now a staple in my makeup artist kit – so I had a feeling that these brushes would be good quality like the others I have.  Here’s a quick run down of each of the brushes.

MF56 - Medium Buffer Brush to use with liquid, cream or powder products. This one is similar to their bestselling F20 brush only smaller. 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

MF08 - Dome Buffing Brush - recommended for foundation/blush/contour application.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

MF38 - Duo Fibre Face Brush - recommended for sculpting, contouring, blending and highlighting.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

MF35 - Small Angled Edge Face Brush - for applying concealer, foundation, cream contour and powder products.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

MF47 - Medium Powder Brush - for the application of blush/powder. 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

MF48 - Flat Concealer Brush - for applying cream or liquid concealer. 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

ME45 - Duo Fibre Eye Blender - eyeshadow blending brush.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

ME11 - Brow/Liner Brush - for applying brow powder or gels and liquid/gel eyeliner.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

ME04 - Flat Shader - for packing eyeshadow onto the lid - Blank Canvas also recommend this for applying lip products. 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

So what are the pros of the Magnimarble Brush Set in my opinion?

First of all, it has to be said that the brushes are beautiful to look at and totally insta-worthy with their marble and rose gold finish and the softest grey bristles. Not only that but they are great quality too like all of the other Blank Canvas brushes in my collection.

Like all other Blank Canvas brushes, they are very easy to clean and don't shed or go out of shape once washed. The marble frame/stand could be used to hang the brushes while drying too. 

Thirdly, their presentation and the range of brushes contained in the set makes them a perfect gift for any beauty addicts in your life. 

Are there any cons to the Magnimarble Brush set in my opinion?

This is totally my personal opinion but I'm not sure whether the magnetic function is of benefit to me. It means that not only do the brushes stick to the holder but they stick to each other too! I don’t store them in the frame instead I keep them in this holder I found in TK Maxx and I think it matches them really well. 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set

The metal holder is a good idea for sure but it does take up a bit of space on your dressing table. It would however be very handy for drying the brushes after cleaning as I mentioned above. 

The magnetic aspect definitely gives them a unique selling point but the metal part at the bottom makes them heavier to hold than the standard Blank Canvas brushes so just bear that in mind too. For professional use by makeup artists, I would be more likely to recommend the Blank Canvas 12 piece Rose Gold and Black Dimension Series Brush set - also a brilliant quality set but lighter to hold. I have this set in my makeup artist kit and they're some of the brushes I reach for most often for clients. 

This is just my opinion so don’t be put off by me!

As I mentioned, their full price is €100.but Blank Canvas quite often run special offers and discount codes on their website so keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram pages - especially with Black Friday coming up soon!

Have you tried these brushes yet? If you have I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Bye for now,



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