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Affordable Luxury: Home Fragrance from Aldi

Aldi Designer Candles

Today’s post is a short one and it’s not makeup or beauty related but I couldn’t not share with you a few home fragrance bargains that I picked up in Aldi during my lunchbreak today. I haven’t really seen a lot of talk about these online recently and that surprised me considering the hype around their Jo Malone inspired range!

These Designer Candles and Reed Diffusers very much resemble a luxurious but pricey French brand which is probably all over your Instagram feeds as much as it is mine!

As part of their Special Buys today Thursday 17th May, Aldi have brought out some large and small candles in three fragrances:

Large Designer Candles.

These large glass candles are a very similar size to the high-end version – not as large as their other well-known no.1,2 and 3 candles but they are similar to the standard size in the high-end brand at 160g in size and claim to burn for up to 35 hours. They come beautifully presented in a white gift box making them perfect either as a gift to someone else or as a “to me from me” gift. They are available in three fragrances – Fig, Berries and Roses and are priced at €4.99 each. E

The fragrances are described as follows:

Fig - "the warmth of fig wood, the vitality of fig leaves and notes of the sap of the ripe fruit.

Diptyque Figeur candle dupe

Berries - "Combining the fruity and fresh scent of blackcurrant leaves with the rich floral note of fresh roses". 

Diptyque Baies candle dupe

Roses - "a freshly cut bouquet of roses from a country garden".

Diptyque Roses Candle dupe

Set of 3 Votive Candles.

Diptyque candle dupes

This box contains a smaller votive-sized version of each fragrance – Fig, Roses and Berries – presented in a pretty gift box. Each one has a net weight of 65g so very similar in size to the mini version offered by the luxurious brand. These claim to burn for up to 22 hours each. These are priced at €4.99 for the set of 3.

Designer Reed Diffusers.

Diptyque Diffuser dupes

 These are also available in the same 3 luxurious fragrances as the candles. They contain 100ml of fragranced oil and 6 rattan sticks, presented in a stylish oval glass and black bottle. Diffusers are so handy when you have young children in the house as you can still have the benefit that burning a fragranced candle gives but without the risk of little fingers getting burnt or candles being left unattended or getting knocked over. These claim to fragrance your room for up to two months. I use Aldi’s numbers 1, 2 and 3 diffusers very often and these last around 4-6 weeks so I expect that these ones will be just as long-lasting. These are priced at €4.49 each. My only tiny criticism of these is that I'd prefer if the sticks were all the same colour instead of two different colours but really for the price can I argue?

So what do I think of the fragrances? Because these are only available while stocks last and I knew that these would probably fly off the shelves as the Aldi special buys normally do, I filled a basket with one of each product in the range. And to be honest all 3 fragrances are gorgeous and they’re something that I would normally go for. I think they both look and smell very luxurious for the price and I’m looking forward to using them all! And I hope that they might become a more permanent feature on Aldi shelves in future. If you are interested in picking some up, I’d move fast if I were you. If you do try them out, I’d love to hear what you thought. I’d also love to hear if you have any other favourite candles or diffusers that you recommend!

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  1. I was the same as you and the minute these came out, I grabbed loads! I am so impressed with the reed diffusers, but also like you, wish the sticks were all the same colour. I did buy a couple of the berries ones, so I have taken the black sticks from one and swapped them, so I do now have the same colour sticks in them. I actually have the "french brand" berries one, and the smell is very similar. Good job Aldi!