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Showing posts from 2018

Beauty School Pop Up: Crumlin College of Beauty

I haven't been one for much of the "self-care" lately since the arrival of Little Miss and with Little Man starting school. And my skin has definitely suffered as a result of all those pregnancy hormones and the lack of time for a thorough skincare routine. So, when I was very kindly invited out to Cru…

Penneys PS...Beauty Christmas Makeup Collection 2018

As soon as I saw the press release for this collection land in my inbox, I was on a mission. Granted, I don't have much need for sparkly "out-out" makeup for myself at the moment with the little baba and the four year old around, but we do have an event coming up that I plan to do a glam look for and a…

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Makeup Brush Set Review

Towards the end of last year,  Blank   Canvas  Cosmetics brought out a Limited Edition makeup brush set and I’ve been using them since then and I thought now would be a good time to give you my thoughts on them. Say hello to the incredibly Instagrammable Magnimarble Makeup Brush set..

The Daydreamer Edition: May '18 Glossybox UK Review

The perfect treat for the post-holiday blues arrived from Glossybox when we returned from our family holiday in the sun recently, and now that I've had a bit of time to investigate the treats inside after returning to "normality", I thought I would share with you what was inside the May edition Glossy…

Affordable Luxury: Home Fragrance from Aldi

Today’s post is a short one and it’s not makeup or beauty related but I couldn’t not share with you a few home fragrance bargains that I picked up in Aldi during my lunchbreak today. I haven’t really seen a lot of talk about these online recently and that surprised me considering the hype around their Jo Malone i…

20 Week Pregnancy Update

I know it's been far too long since my last blog post and I suppose you could say that we've had a lot going on lately! If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen our little announcement during the week that our family of 3 is soon to become a family of 4 - in late September to be precise! We had kep…

Penneys PS..Blend & Cleanse Makeup Sponge Cleaner

I don't use beauty blender sponges very often but when I saw this in Penneys a few months ago, I immediately thought that this would be perfect for cleaning makeup brushes so a couple of them went straight into my basket. I know I keep mentioning it but Penneys/Primark have really upped their beauty game in the…

Workspace Goals: Home Office Inspiration

Today was an unexpected snow day for us i.e. a closed playschool and an unplanned day out of the office for Mammy. While our IT department were trying to fix my remote access and I was trying to resist the temptation to throw my laptop out the window and bury it in the blooming snow, I got to thinking how nice it …