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Tales From A Waiting Room: Angels and Rainbows

It's been a few weeks since I hit that "New Post" button. As much as I missed the online world, for a while I just couldn't face it. Real life got very busy with the start of my makeup artistry course, then we got some good news, and then more recently, some more bad news. Instead of telling the full personal story here on my normally "happy" place, I'll just share with you a poem that I wrote about it all instead. It's the first time I've ever written a poem - and I probably won't win any prizes for literature but it came from the heart so here it is. Here's hoping November is a more positive month for me and for anyone else who's had a rough time lately. I have lots of plans for new content over the next few weeks - and it'll be much more light hearted than today's post so hopefully you'll stick around :)

Tales From A Waiting Room.

Blue plastic chairs, uncomfortable and scarce.
The strangers with their knowing looks.
Too weak tea that's too hot to hold,
And the busy doctors with arms full of books.

The smug Mammies-to-be rubbing tummies with glee,
Not knowing how lucky they are.
Hearing those dreaded words, 'I'm sorry' and the even less helpful,
"Sometimes it's just not meant to be".

One in four will leave that room in our shoes,
Thinking of the angels they never will meet.
And with plans to 'manage' something which can't just be "managed",
So a doctor can tick off a sheet. 

It's a heartbreak on your worst enemy not to be wished,
And that so many go through every day. 
Yet we are afraid to speak up of our loss.
How I wish that shame would go away. 

From that positive test moment, your heart skips a beat,
And a mum you become forever from that day.
To those in my shoes, I send all my love,
And a hope that your rainbow is not too far away. 

© Claire Saliu, 2017.

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