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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Bloggers

I have way too many apps, photos, videos and notes stored on my iPhone. I need to do a massive clearout before I hit my storage limit (again!) and while going through the apps I have on my phone the other night, something occurred to me. I don't use half of the apps. I use the same 5-10 apps over and over again - for personal things and for blogging too. Half of what is on my phone either doesn't have the features I need. So for today's post, I'm sharing a few of those apps that I do use to organise my blogging life and keep on top of things a little bit more.


I mentioned this in an Instagram tips and tricks post a while ago and it’s still an essential for me. It is an app which helps you to manage, plan and schedule your Instagram posts and to create a cohesive Instagram feed (if that is your goal!).

You can upload photos to the app, drag and drop them in your grid and it shows you how the draft posts would look alongside your existing feed. For instance – if you want to ensure that the photos alongside each other have the same level of brightness, same backgrounds etc or that they “fit” well alongside each other, this is so useful. It is linked to your actual Instagram account so you can also view various insights such as the amount of likes and comments on each post, follower gain/loss, your most popular posts and your total number of posts/likes/comments over a period. Instagram does now have its own Insights section but I believe that is only available for business pages so if your Instagram is a personal account you won’t have that option. I use both tools together to track my progress, see what posts perform best and how I can improve. There is a scheduling function in this app too which you may find useful. 


I heard about this through one of my favourite bloggers – Josie from – and I have to say it is literally a game changer. It is an app which helps you to link your various social media platforms and your website and automatically post from one to the other.

You can create any number of “applets” – essentially formulas – or use any of ones already created by different users – and it will share your content or updates automatically. For instance, you can link your Instagram and Twitter accounts so that any time you post on Instagram it will post the image and caption to Twitter, publish a tweet when a new blog post goes live on your site or your Bloglovin account if you have one, share your Instagram posts to Facebook and so on. The possibilities are endless and it makes it much easier to share your content without being on your smartphone 24/7.


Finding time to post on all social media networks when you have a full-time job and a toddler as well as a blog is no joke. This is why tools like Hootsuite are your best friend. Hootsuite allows you to manage various social media accounts from one app and schedule your content to post throughout the day or the week. With the free version of Hootsuite that I use, you can add up to 3 social networks - I added Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Pages, and if you pay a monthly subscription you can add more and have further additional features. For me, though, the free version suits my needs as I use it for scheduling but not for analytics.


Seasoned selfie-takers might already be familiar with this app. It can be used however for a lot more than whitening your teeth or airbrushing out that angry spot on your chin! The whitening tool is great for whitening backgrounds that are meant to be white but are a little darker than you would like in your photos. The detail function, smoothing functions and patch tools are all great for tidying up little things in your flatlays, blog photos and selfies if you so wish! If you are editing your face, though, please don't alter yourself beyond recognition!


If you are looking for some photo editing features, for either your Instagram or your blog photos, Afterlight is a free option that I would definitely recommend. They have multiple features including brightening, sharpening, clarifying, adjusting the temperature and saturation and lots of filter options to name a few. If you do use the filters however for your Instagram and you're looking to establish a theme in your feed, it's a good idea to stick to just a couple of filters that you use regularly so that your feed looks more cohesive.

So those are my top 5 apps and tools I use regularly to make blogging life easier. Have you any to add to these? I'm always open to suggestions- once I make some storage space on the phone that is :)

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  1. This is so useful! I didn't know you could schedule posts on instagram, and the one for linking your accounts sounds so good x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Thanks for reading! x You can't completely schedule or automate but you can have your posts drafted and ready and the app will remind you at the time you set to go and post it x