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Primark PS..Primer Water Review

Primark PS Primer Water

I have to admit, I've only recently hopped onto the primer water train. I do use a primer every day, but the brand or type that I use usually depends on my mood or on how my skin is looking or behaving that day. For instance, if I'm tired and in need of a glowy boost, I usually go for the Flormar Double Radiance Primer. If my pores are large enough to be seen from ten yards away I use Benefit's Porefessional. And I have a few others that I pull out of the beauty drawer regularly too.

However, this is my first Primer Water so instead of spending a ton on a higher-end option, I thought that this PS.. Primer Water from Penneys a.k.a Primark would be a good place to start!

I've seen many comparisons online between this and the Smashbox product of a similar nature and packaging, however as I haven't tried this, I can't compare the two and I'm not sure on the final verdict of the "dupe" claims - just leaving that here!

Those of you who are in the same boat as I was might be wondering - what is it?

Primark PS Primer Water

It's a clear liquid makeup primer, in a spray mist form, that is used to prep your skin for your base products and help your makeup last longer. Primark claim that this will keep your skin hydrated and refreshed for long lasting radiance. It is silicone free, alcohol free and oil free. It comes in a 150ml sized bottle with a pump spray and will set you back a tiny €3. (£2 in the UK I believe). Penneys say that you can use it throughout the day to spritz on your face whenever you feel your base needs refreshing or that your skin is getting a little dry or if your makeup starts to look a little cakey.

I have been using this for the last couple of weeks or so instead of my usual primers, and here are my findings.


It's super quick and easy to apply - just make sure you spray at arm's length so that you don't totally drench yourself! Five or six sprays is usually enough to cover the entire face.

Primark PS Primer Water

Wait a couple of minutes - and if you're like me, fan your face like one of those Youtubers thinking that it actually makes a difference in how fast your skin dries :) Then apply your foundation, concealer and the rest of your makeup as normal.

How does it feel/smell on the skin?

This has a light floral fragrance, which pretty much goes once the product dries in. Your skin will feel very slightly tacky when the spray dries - and this is presumably giving your foundation something to grab onto to make it last longer.

Once my foundation was applied, my skin didn't feel at all tacky or sticky - and in fact it felt more hydrated than it usually would.

My verdict?

Did it make my foundation last longer?  Aside from my nose area which never seems to keep foundation on it all day, I found that this did a good job of keeping my makeup in place. I wouldn't say though that it was more effective than some of my other primers.

However, this Primer Water does have some selling points for me. Firstly, when you're in a hurry to get ready, this is so quick and easy to apply - you can almost spritz and go - once it dries that is. Plus, my skin did feel more hydrated with this under my foundation. As a result, I felt like my skin looked more "awake" - I know this sounds silly but it's the only way I can describe it. And thirdly, it feels so refreshing on the skin and it's great to add to your morning routine to wake you up a bit!

Would I buy this again?

Definitely I would. In fact if I see it next time I'm in Penneys I'll be stocking up on a few more as I have a feeling they won't last long. If you, like me, are new to Primer Waters, then this is absolutely worth a try for the tiny price.

Primark PS Primer Water

If you have tried it, what did you think? And if you have any primer recommendations you're more than welcome to leave them in the comments below :)

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  1. I was so excited to read this! I can't believe it's only around £2 in the UK, that's amazing value. I actually have the freedom version, which is again supposed to be a dupe for the smashbox one, and it cost me £4. I didn't know at the time Primark did one too, but I never find anything in store anyway. I do love it though xx

    Velvet Blush

  2. I adore this primer water too, it is so good! x

  3. I've heard sooooo many people talk about this primering water and I've haven't read one bad review, everyone seems to love it. I love that it gives a slight ounce of hydration too. I really need to pick one up
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks