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Penneys/Primark Haul

Primark Haul

You know when you go into Penneys for a packet of tights and you come out with a big brown bag packed full of stuff? Well that was me last week. I picked up a few home and stationary bits, some makeup (of course) and I thought seeing as I like reading those kinds of posts myself, I thought I would share with you what I picked up!

"Sweater Weather” Travel Mug.

Primark Travel Mug

This travel mug reminded me of the one from the Zoella Lifestyle range from last Autumn/Winter. That one was marble and rose gold and this Primark one is a knitted print with a rose gold metallic lid. I’m really trying to cut down on the amount of takeaway coffees that I buy and you wouldn’t believe how quickly the amount you spend in your local Costa adds up! So buying yourself a fun travel mug is a great incentive to make your own coffee on weekday mornings and take it with you instead. This cost €3.50.

Life Goals Journal.

Primark Life Goals Journal

I picked up this notebook/journal as I’m going back to college part time next month to study makeup artistry and I thought a new journal would be good for the fresh start! It has a soft touch pink cover, with gold trim along the edges and is A5 sized but has plenty of pages. They are lined but not dated so you can write what you wish in them. This will go nicely with the Ban.Do agenda that I found in TK Maxx a while ago that I didn’t have a use for until now. I took the price sticker off this and I've managed to lose the receipt but I think it was around €4/5.

Rose Gold Stapler.

Primark Rose Gold Stapler

I’ll hold my hands up and say that I didn’t really need this. But it instantly reminded me of the ones Kate Spade do but at a much lower price. I told myself that this was for college but it would be great to brighten up your office desk too. There is a tape dispenser in the same design too – which I resisted as I definitely didn’t need that! The stapler cost €8.00 and the dispenser was €6.00 if I remember correctly.

Makeup Mixing Palette.

Primark makeup mixing palette

This was my first purchase to go into my future (hopefully!) makeup kit. For my own makeup, I just mix products on the back of my hand but for clients this will be much easier to use. It came with the spatula and in a clear plastic pouch which will be handy for keeping it clean or in one piece when it gets thrown into the makeup case. I took the price off this one too but I think it was round €4.00.

PS Pro Eyeshadow Brush Set.

PS Pro Eyeshadow Brushes

If you read my previous post on the PS Pro makeup range, you might know already that PS..Pro is deemed the professional makeup range at Penneys. The products are not readily available in all stores but if you do see them, I highly recommend their primers. They have recently launched a range of makeup brushes in the same “PS..Pro” line so I picked up a couple to try. These eyeshadow brushes reminded me of the Mac 224 and 217? Brushes but obviously at a much lower price. I actually picked up two sets of these – one for my makeup kit and one for personal use. They feel very sturdy for the price and I’ll be interested to see how they perform but also how they clean. These cost €4.00.

PS Pro Large Powder Brush.

PS Pro Large Powder Brush
PS Pro Large Powder Brush

This is a smaller powder brush than I would normally use but I wanted something to try setting under-eye concealer with or to powder small areas. It looks as if it will be the perfect shape for the under eyes and feels super soft and fluffy. I will let you know how I get on with it! This cost €4.00 also.

PS Banana Powder.

PS Banana Powder

This banana powder has been talked about a lot online recently. I’ve never really gotten into the “baking” trend but I’ve been curious to try this for a while. I believe they will be launching two new versions of this soon but I haven’t seen them in store yet – one is to be called Rice Powder and is a more translucent version of the banana powder. The other is called Rose Powder and as the same suggests, has a pink tone to it to add warmth and brighten the skin. This cost €4.00. I will also keep you posted on my thoughts on this!

Cheeky Peachy Blush and Highlight Palette.

Cheeky peachy blush and highlight palette
Primark peachy blush and highlight palette

Did I need another palette? Absolutely not. But I couldn’t resist the cute packaging, and although many brands are picking up on Too Faced’s peachiness, this is a much less spendy option. I have Joanne from Lipstick N Leopardprint to thank for this purchase after seeing them on her Instagram! It contains two highlighters – one in a gold shade and one in a light pink-toned shade and a peachy blush, all in a cute little case. I don’t have a peach coloured blush in my collection and it may or may not work for my skin tone but I’m very curious to give it a try. This cost €6.00. There is a peach and warm toned eyeshadow palette in the same range however there were only a handful left in my local Penneys and all of them were opened, swatched or messed up so I passed on that.

Here is a shot of the eyeshadow palette in case you want to keep an eye out for it in your local store!

    Pic credit: Lipstick N Leopardprint Instagram

Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer in the shade Candelight.

Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer
Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer

This is a liquid highlighter/primer which Catrice call liquid gold. It can be worn underneath foundation for a subtle glow effect or applied on its own dotted over foundation as a highlighter. I’m rather excited to try this and you can expect to see a review of it here on the blog very soon when I do! It reminds me of the Flormar Double Radiance primer in terms of its uses although the Flormar primer is a much more bronzey shade. It also reminded me of those Iconic London highlighting drops that seem to be a hot topic in the beauty world lately. I need to get this on my face asap. This costs €4.95.

PS..Primer Water.

Primark PS Primer Water

Penneys are prone to not stocking some of their products for very long before they disappear never to be seen again, so since I was so impressed by this Primer Water, I decided to pick up a second one in case it's not in store for long. You can see my full thoughts on it in this recent post but it's so refreshing and is a perfect hydrating base for makeup when you're in a hurry. This costs €3.

So that's everything from my quick trip to Penneys that turned into a little more than that! I'll be trying out everything and sharing my thoughts soon so keep an eye on my social media to see how I get on with them.  Have you found any little gems in Penneys lately that I need to look out for? Feel free to share below :)

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  1. You've found some amazing brushes, one of those ps pro brushes really does look like a 217 dupe. I don't know why I never have any luck, the stores are always so packed whenever I go in, it's hard to get a look in. The notebook is so cute as well, and good luck with starting college, hope you enjoy it xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. You definitely need plenty of time to look around! The brushes are great and they definitely feel more expensive than they are! Thanks so much for reading x

  2. Well that little haul looks amazing. I didnt even know Primark did stationary. There are a few things that I like the look of, so will make a trip to my local store. Thanks for sharing x