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Kate Spade 2018 Agenda: First Impressions

Kate Spade This is the Life Agenda

It might seem a little early to be talking about planners and agendas for 2018, but around June-July time is when stationary nerds like me go ga-ga over the latest agenda launches from either Kate Spade or Ban.Do. These agendas start from August each year and run for 17 months, not the usual calendar year, and you have to be fairly quick if you're looking to nab one. Whether its due to the hype generated for them or a genuine demand can be hard to tell. Today I'm going to show you why I think the Kate Spade Agendas are worth the hype and not just a blogger staple!

Kate Spade New York are a brand that not only creates beautiful stationary and desk accessories, but also handbags, clothing, fashion accessories, fragrance, eyewear, shoes, swimwear and home decor. 

When you think of Kate Spade, what comes to mind is lots of gold and monochrome, crisp colours, graphic prints and a sophisticated, grown up style.

I already have a 2017 Kate Spade Agenda - in the same size as this one but in the classic Black and Cream stripe - so I knew what to expect with the 2018 version.

Kate Spade 2017 Agenda

The Kate Spade Agendas come in medium, large and mega sizes. The Medium and Large both have concealed gold spirals and the mega size has the spiral on the outside, similar to the large Ban.Do agenda.

The Agenda I chose is the Kate Spade This Is The Life Medium 17 Month Agenda and I picked mine up from Moss Cottage's online store.

Kate Spade 2018 Agenda Review

The cover is made from very sturdy cardboard and is cream, with gold foil lettering and 2018 written in the middle. It also has a black elastic around it to keep it closed. You might think that the cream isn't very practical but I used to carry the 2017 one in my handbag a lot and once you are careful enough not to throw in makeup or an open pen beside it, they are fairly durable and don't mark too easily.  I used my 2017 one for blog planning, mostly keeping it on my desk at home, and instead the planner that goes everywhere with me is my Filofax Malden in the personal size. Size-wise, the Kate Spade Medium Agenda measures 9 inches high approximately and 7 and a half inches wide. It is the almost the same height as the Personal Filofax but probably about half an inch wider. It is still portable but only if you have quite a large tote or shoulder bag.

When you open it first, you see a pale peachy coloured page with a "this belongs to" section and a double-sided pocket for storing things like stickers, post it notes, extra notepaper etc. In my 2017 agenda, I use the pocket to store some Paper Chic Plans stickers that I bought to decorate that planner, and a few blank post-it notes and paperclips and you can fit quite a few bits in it. The paper in the agenda itself is good quality and not "see-through" like some planners can be. I use a lot of gel pens or fine tip pens and mostly the ink doesn't bleed through onto other pages - which is a thing that would drive me mad and make rather a mess..

Kate Spade 2018 Agenda Review

Next up is something that wasn't in the previous year's agenda - a page of gold foil stickers! I might be a grown woman (in theory) but I've never quite gotten over my sticker collecting and fancy paper days so these made me rather happy! They are great to just add a bit of something extra and a bit of fun to your to-do lists.

Kate Spade 2018 Agenda Review

Following this, there is a double page with both a 2018 and a 2019 year to view page. I rarely use these to be honest - I might circle important dates or want to check what day a date falls on so they are handy to have. There are then two pages for 2018 Celebrations - if there are any birthdays, anniversaries, or big events that you don't want to forget you can add them here. After that is the standard 2018 Holidays page - although this is based on US holidays so probably not entirely useful in Ireland, and a number of Notes pages before you start into the Monthly sections.

Kate Spade 2018 Agenda Review

Each monthly section is divided by laminated tabs. At the start of each monthly section, you have a peach/cream coloured page with the name of the month and a fun quote. Then you have a monthly spread, with the month over two pages and room to fill anything into the various boxes as well as a column for notes along the left hand side. The paper throughout the notes, monthly spreads and weekly spreads pages is a soft cream colour.

Kate Spade 2018 Agenda Review
Kate Spade 2018 Agenda Review

The weeks themselves are split over two pages - with Saturday and Sunday's sections being smaller than others which is pretty standard for diaries/planners. At the end of each month, there are then two notes pages. These are useful if you want to either outline some goals for that month, the next month or note important things that you want to do, or to just generally doodle away..

Kate Spade 2018 Agenda Review

The same format carries on then for the next 16 months - the only exception being that you don't get any notes pages at the end of December 2018.

Overall, these agendas are very well made, sturdy and great quality. In fact I would go so far as to say they are a pleasure to write in. The medium size suits me due to the purpose I use it for - and the other half of my life is scribbled down in my well-loved Filofax, but if you want to combine everything in one planner, then the large size might be more suitable for you.

Either way, I highly recommend these agendas. They may seem a little pricey at €38 for the Medium and €45 for the large but they do last for the 17 months - making them perfect for students too..and they are made to last and not fall apart after two months' use. Plus, they are just so pretty and make even me feel like I have my s*** together lol. They also make a great gift for a friend or family member who wouldn't necessarily splurge on one themselves. As well as this gold and cream design, the 2018 designs also feature a black with gold spots version, a pinky-purple floral print and a bright coral version with gold lettering however all of these are selling out fast!

Kate Spade 2018 Agenda Review

If you are in the market for either the one I picked up or another design, then I'd move fairly swiftly! You can find this one here and a range of other agendas/planners both instore in Moss Cottage, Dundrum or on their website here.

What do you use to stay organised? And if you're in the market for a new planner, what are you considering?

Bye for now,

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