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Ways to Rebuild After A Stressful Time

The trials of parenthood, family problems, bereavement, money issues or work issues - a lot of us will face most if not all of these stresses and life crises at one time or another. It's not always as easy as it sounds to take a moment and look after yourself. I myself have had a fairly traumatic time the past few months, and it will take more than these steps to recover but I am slowly trying to rebuild myself. Life will never be as it was before but sometimes it is about trying to find a way to adjust and a new way to live.

I'm not a mental health professional, and if you are in any doubt of how you are coping with your own stress or can't seem to find a way out, talk to a medical professional. Anxiety and Depression aren't something that you can just "get over" so I'm not suggesting that what I'm about to share is going to be the cure. My experience of that would be a whole other blog post but trivial as it may sound, there are some things which I've found to be useful sometimes on those days that I start to feel overwhelmed..

Indulge in some pamper time.

I'll hold my hands up and say that I've had days where I was too tired to even drag myself into the shower and ended up in fleecy pyjamas and a messy bun for the day. Days like that are ok occasionally - if you don't have to leave the house that is - and we all have them.  But sometimes the idea is worse than the reality and giving yourself a gentle push to get into that bath or put on that face mask can actually do more to calm you and lift your mood than you realise.

Get some fresh air.

Spending all day in front of a computer screen in an air- conditioned office can lead to dry, tired eyes, feelings of lethargy and sometimes make you feel a bit caged-in. Even if it's just 15 minutes on your lunch break, throw on a pair of runners, your earphones and get out for a walk. It doesn't even matter if it's not enough to break a sweat seeing as you'll more than likely have to go back to your desk - it's about a change of scenery, getting a break from screen time and getting some fresh air and Vitamin D.

Make some space.

I often find that the messier my home or office space is, the more overwhelmed I feel. Spend an hour or so decluttering your space - whether it's where you work or relax in - and you will definitely feel more calm. I particularly find that a freshly made bed, a tidy bedside table and a lighted scented candle is much more likely to lead to a calmer version of me than the chair full of worn but not put away clothes and the messy dressing table.

Enjoy the little things.

Obviously I'm not going to advise you to go on a massive shopping spree - even picking up something small for yourself can lift your mood. For me, that's a bunch of flowers, a new scented candle, a new face mask or an affordable makeup item.  I quite often buy fresh flowers for myself when I'm in the supermarket, and especially at this time of the year there are lots of lovely flowers in season - including the blogger staple, Peonies!

To-Do Lists and Making Plans.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of tasks you need to accomplish, a diary/organiser really is your best friend. I find that even if I have loads to do, breaking it down into daily to do lists and prioritising what needs to be done makes it less daunting. Granted, there are days that I get overwhelmed when I see the length of the list but usually that's down to me being too ambitious about what I can actually accomplish in a day.

Ask For Help.

Cliché as it sounds, a problem shared is a problem halved. Even if the person you share to doesn't have the solution, sometimes just saying it all aloud is helpful enough. If it is something that you can get practical help with, then take your friends and family up on their offers to help. It might be just washing your dishes while you put the baby down for a nap and rest yourself, or it might be visiting a loved one for you if you are a carer so that you can have an hour or two to yourself. And if the clothes go un-laundered or the floors go un-hoovered for a while - is it really the end of the world? Often we put those pressures on ourselves thinking that we need to live in an Ideal Homes-worthy house when in fact no one else would notice!

Music is the medicine of the mind.

Whether you need to put on something loud and fast and dance around your living room like Meredith Grey and Christina Yang, or put on some relaxing music and calm your mind, music is often underestimated for its ability to lift your mood or calm the mind. When I put on some Café Del Mar, I'm instantly transported in my mind back to watching the sunset over the bay at the famous bar of the same name. Granted, those Ibiza holidays are far behind me now but the music is incredibly soothing to me still.

Learn To Say No.

We all take on too much from time to time for fear of offending someone or letting them down. But sometimes you need to say no for your own sake and give yourself a "time out". It's not always easy to do but whether it's a task someone wants your help with or an event that you don't want to miss out on, if it's going to mean you over-extending yourself, say no or at least no for now! Knowing when to step back and take some time to yourself is key.

I hope you found some of this useful - if you can relate to any of it or have any more tips to share, please tell us?!

Bye for now,


  1. Beautiful post. I am so proud of you bringing something so positive into the world after such a trying time. Love you L xx

  2. A great post, and Im sorry that you have been having a rubbish time. For me, in addition to your suggestions here, (which I love) meditation and mindfulness are a huge help to get me through a stressful time. I swear that it has kept me sane over the last 12 years! (well, borderline sane, haha) x

    1. Thanks Kerry! I must try meditation and read more into mindfulness too x