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Primark PS...Master Highlight Palette

I don't think I'm alone in saying that a girl can never have too many highlighters, right? Or at least not me anyway as I tend to be drawn to them like a magpie! So on my last trip to Penneys for toddler slippers and when I just happened to pass the Beauty section, I saw this and didn't think twice to be honest..

This is the Master Highlight Palette - following the same theme as the Master Eye Palette and Contour Palette which launched a while ago. There is also a cream and powder Blush palette just launched in the same range and I'm quite proud of myself for not buying this one too - although I might go back to it at a later time! :)

Primark Master Highlight Palette

Anyway, back to this palette. This is a palette of 6 powder highlighters, in shades ranging from icy white to bronze, packaged in a simple black and perspex palette not unlike the Mac ones. Each pan contains 2g of product. There is a magnetic closure on the palette too - no clasp or anything to press - so I'm not sure whether that will stand the test of time or not but we shall leave that aside for now..This will set you back a mere €8 and as far as I'm aware (at the time of writing this) it is only new in stores and should be still available.

Primark Master Highlight Palette

First impressions were that this palette looked like a great range of shades to suit various skin tones - you have the icy shade, a gold shade, a pink tone, a taupe tone, a peachy tone and a bronze as well.

The shades aren't named so I'll just talk you through each row individually and my thoughts on them.

Row 1: Bronze, Taupe-Champagne and Light Pink.

Primark Master Highlight Palette

I am of the lighter skin tone type - think Ivory or Porcelain in foundations - so I knew the bronze wasn't going to be a go-er for me as a highlighter. However, similar to the Primark Havana palette, this could work really well as an eyeshadow, on any skintone, so don't be put off. It will however make a beautiful highlighter on darker skintones in my opinion. The middle shade with its cool undertones is way nicer on the skin than it looks and it's not as dark as you would think it would be. This would be stunning on your skin if you had a little bit of a tan too- real or otherwise - and it would compliment a bronzey look very well.

The pink is quite cool toned and very wearable as a highlighter or a blush topper. Sometimes a pink highlighter can end up looking too much like you put your blusher in the wrong place but this just has a subtle pink hue.

Row 2: Icy white, Peach and Gold.

Primark Master Highlight Palette

When I looked at this palette, I pretty much discounted the icy shade as well as the bronze. Well I have to take that one back because I actually was really impressed with this! It's obviously very light but doesn't look "white" on the skin, just imparts a nice shimmer without adding any colour if that makes sense.

The middle shade, with the peach undertones, was the quiet one that I wasn't expecting much from - but it is actually really pretty. It's a little more powdery and "crumbly" than the others for some reason - which is slightly odd - but on top of blusher - think Sleek Rose Gold or Nars Orgasm blusher - this is so pretty and gives a natural looking glow to the cheeks. It actually also works really well as an eyeshadow - especially on blue eyes.

The last shade is the gold - the one I had eyes for from the beginning - and I wasn't disappointed. It's a beautiful pale gold, no yellowish tones, and gives enough of a golden glow without being OTT. This would also make a really pretty eyeshadow- although I'm guessing if you buy this palette you are, like me, obsessed with highlighting and not really considering wasting them anywhere else on your face!

So what's my verdict then?

This palette is great value for money. I was expecting the powders to be way more chalky, chunky and powdery for this price but I was proved wrong. There are no big chunks of glitter and also there isn't much kick-up - apart from the peach shade that is - when you go into each pan. They all feel buttery soft on the skin which is not always the case with affordable highlighters.

Primark Master Highlight Palette

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely. For this price you cannot go wrong with this palette in my opinion. You have all the highlighter shades you could possibly need in one palette and you are free to be seen from space should you choose! There is no mirror included but at this size it's probably not a palette that you would pop in your handbag or use on the go so it may not be an issue.  I don't imagine that these will last long - although everything moves fast in Pe - so get down to your local Penneys sharpish if you want to snap one up..

Are you as highlighter obsessed as me? Have you tried this palette? Would you?

Bye for now,


  1. How have I only just come across your blog? (p.s followed you on bloglovin) I actually don't own many highlights at all as I always tend to find the ones that are chunky and glittery which is a no go for me. Icy white is so pretty! I'm actually amazed by the quality of this palette.
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  2. Oh now this looks interesting. Iv only just got into highlighters, I couldnt find any that didnt glitter a little too much, but Iv since found a couple and I blooming love them! This looks like a great one for me as Im fair skinned. Great review x

  3. I've got this palette as well as the two Master Eye Palettes, the Master Blush Palette and the only one I haven't gotten is the Master Contour one which was way too warm-toned for me. But I love them - I really wish they'd keep releasing more and more tones of these because I think they're truly awesome ! :D
    Thanks for your amazing review ! :D
    Tissam x | Tissam Est La