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Primark PS.. Havana Complete Face Palette Review

In the past, Penneys/Primark was very much hit and miss in terms of their makeup launches. My local store only really had a limited selection of foundations in only two or three colours that would remind you of the pan stick of old, a few lip glosses and some other random bits and pieces, most of which you couldn't buy as other customers had already opened and tested them all! However, over the past year they seem to have really upped their game with their beauty and makeup collections, and today I'm going to tell you about this palette which is part of their recently launched Havana collection and it's the PS... Havana Complete Face Palette.

The Havana collection is a Spring/Summer '17 release which contains this face palette, a brightly coloured metallic eyeshadow palette, some metallic cream eyeshadows and eye liners and a selection of lip lacquers in bright pink and red shades. All come in this brightly coloured, tropical themed packaging which could not be more summery!

So onto the palette - what's in it? 

Inside this fun, brightly coloured packaging are four powders - a Highlight shade, a Bronze shade, a Blush and a Contour shade. Each pan contains 7g of product which is quite generous in size. The layout and design is similar to a lot of these types of palettes, with the 2x2 design and the sturdy cardboard packaging. 

Highlight is a very pretty gold shade. I would consider Bronze to be a highlighter too, just as the name suggests, in a darker colour. Both are equally very sparkly and pigmented and not at all chalky. For me, on a day to day basis, they would probably be a little intense as for a daytime look they would be quite full-on. However, if you like to be seen from space or want to create a more intense night time look these are perfect. The Highlight Shade would suit pale to mid skin tones and the Bronze shade would work as a highlighter for mid to darker skins - or as a blush topper for paler skins. I will probably use this Bronze shade as an eyeshadow seeing as I definitely fall into the pale skin category. Both of these are really lovely shimmers with no chunky glitter. 

The Blush shade is a gorgeous cool toned pinky mauve and if I'm honest it's probably the main reason that I initially picked up this palette. The lovely Joanne from Lipstick N Leopardprint - who has inspired many of my makeup purchases by the way - brought this to my attention on her Snapchat and when I saw how pretty it was I knew I had to keep an eye out for it! 

The blusher is unlike any shade I have already and it is such a pretty mauve-pink with just a hint of a shimmer. I would say that it is quite a universally flattering shade that would suit quite a variety of skin tones - and it could also be used as an eyeshadow too. It is very natural looking on the skin - and surprisingly pigmented too. Just make sure that you tap off the excess from your brush and build it up gently!

I didn't have the highest hopes for the Contour shade as I actually thought it might be too dark for me. It is a little darker than my usual contour shade but still has the cool tones that I need. A lot of the time, in these types of palettes, you will find that the bronzers/contour shades are far too orange and this still has the cool undertones that work best for contouring. It doesn't translate onto the skin as dark as it looks so I was pleasantly surprised. It is buildable, and again just use a light hand, tapping the excess off your brush and blend as well as you would any other contour powder and it does a great job for the price. The powders do kick up a bit of product but not a huge amount considering that it is such an affordable product. 

And this is really a tiny price with the palette costing only €6 - even if you only love one or two of the shades out of the four it is still great value. The only downside for me is that there is no mirror included. I guess for this price we can't argue too much but I do miss the mirror which is much handier to have within a palette, especially for on the go applications. 

Another thumbs up from me for Penneys...and it is definitely worth trying out if you are on the hunt for a multipurpose palette on a budget. 

Have you tried this palette - or any other Primark/Penneys makeup? If so let me know your thoughts - either on the hits or misses!

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  1. I can't believe that this is such good quality for the price! x

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I know- I couldn't believe it either! x

  2. This palette looks insanely pretty and I especially love the colour of that blush! What a bargain! X

    1. It's a very pretty blusher - and a very pretty palette in general :) x