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Nima Brush The Starter Set:The Basics - Review

Nima Brush Starter Set Review

Good quality makeup brushes make me happy - and if you've been reading my posts for any length of time you might already know this! I'm a firm believer that there's no point in spending all your pennies on makeup if you have poor quality tools to apply it with. So with that said, today I'm bringing you my thoughts on this makeup brush set from Nima Brush - The Starter Set. I've mentioned these brushes separately in different blog posts but today is all about the set as a whole.

Nima Brush are an Irish makeup brush company, set up by the experienced professional makeup artist Niamh Martin. They offer a range of single brushes and makeup brush sets and you can tell by the quality of the products that Niamh knows her stuff and what we expect from makeup brushes and tools!

The Starter Set is sold as a beginners' brush set for those looking to pick up their first set of quality makeup brushes but at an affordable price. The set contains 7 professional brushes from their Elite collection in a classic, Chanel-inspired travel case.

Nima Brush Starter Set Review

The case alone is right up my street as I'm all over anything monochrome - and it is so handy to have for travelling to protect your brushes - or even just keeping the brushes away from curious toddler hands like I do!

The brushes themselves are white with coppery toned ferrules and as they are designed to be travel-sized, the sturdy wooden handles on them are a little bit shorter than those on their usual brushes. Each one also has the signature Nima logo imprinted on them.

The brushes in the Starter Set are as follows:

-Medium Powder Brush.
-Flat Head Kabuki.
-Large Shader.
-Concealer Brush.
-Crease Blender.
-Pencil Smudge.
-Angled Brow/Liner.

Medium Powder Brush.

Nima powder brush
Nima powder brush

This might just be the softest, fluffiest powder brush I've ever used. You can use this for setting powder, for blush or for bronzer, and I've been using it to sweep blusher or bronzer on. I use a slightly denser brush for translucent powder but if I didn't have that one I'd be using this instead - it literally feels like dusting feathers across your face. Not that I've used feathers on my face but you get the idea!

Flat Head Kabuki.

Nima flat head kabuki brush

Flat head kabukis are the only thing I will use to apply my foundation - which you might know already if you read my Makeup Brushes 101 post. In my opinion, they are the best brushes to use to get the most flawless foundation application, as you can stipple the product on and blend it in as opposed to just sweeping the product across the face with a flat brush. This one is perfect for the job - it is dense but not too dense that you end up clogging up the brush with product after one application - and it makes it so easy to blend your foundation when you're in a hurry. It's quite possibly my favourite brush in the entire set. I would go so far as to say that if you don't want to invest in an entire set, buy one of their flat head kabukis individually and you won't regret it!

Concealer Brush.

Nima concealer brush

As the name suggests, I've been using this to blend in my undereye concealer and any concealer over blemishes/imperfections and it's just the right size to get into those corners and crevices. Concealer brushes don't generally "wow" me as such but they are important none the less and this one makes blending your concealer into your base super easy.

Large Shader Brush.

This is such an incredibly soft yet dense brush and is perfect for packing eyeshadow onto the lid or sweeping one colour all over the lid. I often use just one colour on the eyes when I'm in a rush and don't have time to faff around with crease blending, and this one is ideal for that.

Crease Blender Brush.

For the days that I do have time to "faff around" with the above mentioned eyeshadow blending, this one makes that job so easy. It is so soft and fluffy and just the right size for blending in the crease area.

Pencil Smudge Brush.

This is a small, tapered brush - designed for creating that smudgy, smokey eye look. You can use it to apply shadow to the lash lines and smoke it out but also to add that highlight shade into the inner corners of the eyes and under the brow bone and it's the perfect size to get into those areas too.

Nima eyeshadow brushes
L to R: Pencil Smudge Brush, Crease Blender Brush & Large Shader Brush
Angled Brow/Liner.

Nima angled brow brush

Again if you've been following the blog for a while, you might have seen my various recommendations of a particular brow pomade and I've been using this brush to apply it but you can also use this for a gel liner if you wish. Some angled brushes can be "bendy" once you apply product to them, but this one doesn't budge and helps to create that really defined yet at the same time natural brow look that I like.

And my overall verdict?

This was my first purchase from Nima Brush and I'm now dying to try out more from their range as these ones really impressed me. They are so easy to use and apply their various products effortlessy.
I have cleaned them many times with a solid brush cleaner and they clean extremely well - going back to their original shape and not losing any hairs and feeling as good as new all over again. I would absolutely recommend this brush set - whether you are a beginner or not - and I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and invested in a set. And in my opinion -that's exactly what it is - an investment. Once you care for them well, a good brush set should last you a hell of a long time and these ones are no exception.

Nima Brush Starter Set Review

And the price?

This set will only set you back €49 - which is incredible value considering you are getting 7 professional quality brushes and the travel case. I bought mine directly from their website here in case you are interested. I've a feeling I'll be back on the Nima site myself soon...

Have you tried anything from Nima Brush? If so do let me know what you thought!

Bye for now,

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