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Wet N Wild Beauty 1 Step WonderGel Review

Wet n wild one step wonder gel review

These have been on the market a while now but I actually only picked up a selection to try out a few weeks ago. To be fair, I’m not the best at maintaining my nails and these sounded like a no-fuss, quick and low cost option. They are the 1 Step Wonder Gel nail polishes from affordable brand Wet n’ Wild and they claim to be the first at-home gel formula that doesn’t require a top coat and cures without a lamp. They also claim to provide up to 2 weeks of colour and shine in one easy step. They can also be removed easily with your regular nail polish remover and are formaldehyde, toluene and phthalate free. I picked up four shades altogether – from a super pale, almost white, pearly shade to a deep plum to see how they would perform.

First off, I must say, I’m not an expert at manicures and I don’t have the strongest nails in the world – they don’t grow a great deal and are prone to breaking too. I’m also really bad at wearing gloves while cleaning or washing dishes so my nails are exposed to the elements. This may have affected my results slightly so just to bear that in mind before you continue!

The shades I chose are as follows:

Wet n wild one step wonder gel review

For each of the polishes, I applied three thin coats to ensure that there were no streaks. The polishes were easy to apply and the brush is quite wide and flat making it quicker too than a thin brush as you can cover more of the nail in one swipe. I waited til each coat was dry before applying the next one. Poor Mr. Mamavoom was in the room at the time of me testing them out and he commented on the strong smell of them and I did think they smelled a bit stronger than other polishes I’ve tried. Granted most men hate the smell of nail polish and I don’t blame them but he doesn’t usually complain about it. This could be down to the added ingredients to make the gel formula but I can’t say whether this is fact or not or whether anyone else had noticed, but I did notice a difference.

Wet n wild one step wonder gel review

 I didn’t use any top coat or base coat as I wanted to see how each polish performed on their own and if they would live up to their claims. I have used all four of them separately over the course of a couple of weeks – not just each on one nail like you see in the picture!

Wet n wild one step wonder gel

The lightest shade, Pale in Comparison, was probably the most disappointing in my opinion. Even after three coats, it was very hard to see the pink pearly hue off it and my nails just looked an off-white. I also find that the more “white” is in a nail polish – so either pale or pastel shades – the harder it is for the shine to show through, and this was definitely the case with this one. I may try it again with a top coat to see if it makes a difference but that’s really defeating the purpose. 

The next one is a pale lilac-toned pink called Don't Be Jelly. This was the last bottle of this shade in my Dunnes Stores and that blue smudge on the front was already on the bottle when I bought it - clearly I wasn't thinking about photographing it at that time! I’m generally not a pastel lover but I picked up this shade to see how another lighter shade would perform. This one impressed me more and the colour is lovely for Spring in my opinion. There was more of a shine off this one too.

Number 3 - Stay Classy - was the type of nude shade I normally go for. Nudes or greyish toned shades are great for low-maintenance nails as you can generally get away with chips for longer (or smudges if you’re like me!)
This one was my favourite shade and is now my go-to nude shade for every day nails.

Finally I picked up a much darker plum shade called Under My Plum. This is probably not the most Spring -like shade but for those of you who like darker, plummy shades, this one is very pretty. It gave a decent amount of shine too after the three coats. The only drawback is that chips are more obvious but then that’s the same for all darker shades.

So what’s my verdict?

Overall, for a budget nail product, these performed very well. They give a decent amount of shine without a topcoat so they are perfect if you are strapped for time. They are also only €2.99 so most of us can afford to pick up a few and experiment instead of forking out for a manicure if you don’t have the time or the money. I usually do my nails on a Sunday night for the week ahead and both the nude and the pink lasted until that Friday with only a small amount of wearing off. I do however have nails that are prone to splitting so that didn’t help.

And the drawbacks?

The strong smell. They are definitely not to be used in a small space! The packaging is slightly misleading too on some of them. They have a plastic coloured label to indicate the shade and the polish is housed in a dark bottle – presumably to protect them from the light – but the colours don’t match what’s in the bottle in some cases. Both the palest shade and the pink shade are not as dark as the label would have you think so just bear that in mind if you are choosing colours.

Wet n wild one step wonder gel review

For the price these are a great product and I will definitely be reusing three of them at least and maybe purchasing a couple more! The brand can be found in Dunnes Stores nationwide, independent pharmacies and in Penneys/Primark stores nationwide too and the price of each is €2.99.

I hope I’ve given you a rounded opinion of them – if you agree or disagree let me know as always. And if you have any other favourite nail polish brands let me know too as I’m always on the look-out for new brands to try!

Bye for now,

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  1. They look good! I am rubbish at painting my fingernails but like to have a bit of polish on my toenails in the summer xx

  2. These sound really good and I love the colours! Will have to try them out. X


  3. I haven't tried using the gel polishes that don't need a light. Maybe I should be checking these out. Great review thanks!
    Michelle xx
    IG: @shellie_belle_