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Makeup Revolution/TAM Beauty | Haul & First Impressions

So I posted a couple of pics on Instagram recently of an order I'd placed with Tam Beauty, and I asked followers if they would like to read a blog post on what I picked up. The answer was yes so here I am to bring you through each of the items in more detail and to give you my first impressions of them! Tam Beauty is the company which creates and houses the amazing affordable makeup brands such as Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup, Freedom Makeup, and most recently, Live Love Makeup Obsession. On browsing the website I've also seen a brand from Katie Price which I've yet to try and also some haircare ranges. In the order I placed, most of the products were from Makeup Revolution and I had just one item each from I Heart Makeup and Freedom Makeup. So onto the details!

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Rose Gold Lights.

The Vivid Baked Highlighters are one of their best selling ranges of highlighters and they recently added a rose gold shade to the range. And of course I had to have it! It does look quite vivid in the pan and like it might be a little too much, but when on the skin it is a beautiful peachy gold shimmer. If you do want to add more intensity you can layer it up but I've just been lightly dusting it on the cheekbones.

Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit in the shades Echelon and Reign.



Lip kits seem to be popping up everywhere these days and the Retro Luxe ones are Makeup Revolution's version. The kit contains a matte liquid lipstick and a matching lipliner and claims to provide intense colour and a long lasting finish.

First of all, the packaging is very sleek and does have a "luxe" feel to it with the rose copper accents on the box and the tube of lipstick itself has rose gold packaging which I do like. The liners are pretty standard in terms of packaging and not dissimilar to the Kylie Cosmetics ones.

Echelon is a warm, darkish nude and Reign is a slightly lighter, peachy-toned nude. On reflection, I probably should have gone for two completely different shades rather than two nudes but I'm a creature of habit!

The lipliners, whilst creamy in texture and easy to apply without dragging on the lips, aren't an exact match for the lip shades. Having said that, the same applies to my Kylie Cosmetics Maliboo lip kit so I'm not sure if there are any brands out there that can get an exact colour match.

The lipsticks are indeed very pigmented and long lasting - if you want to get them off you literally have to scrub with a makeup remover wipe - however I'm still getting used to the texture. They do have a slight tackiness and sticky texture on, and even though the lipstick is dry, you can still feel it and are unlikely to forget it's on your lips. I won't rule them out just yet though as it may be something that I could get used to. Those of you prone to dryness with matte lipsticks might want to keep some lip balm handy to pop over it throughout the day too.

Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Sanitising Solid Brush Cleaner.

I've been looking to try a solid brush cleanser for a while now. I was too impatient to wait until after this haul and first impressions post to use it so I've already tested this out. I've written a full review and how to use guide  here but in summary I was very impressed with this - the results and how simple it was to use.

Freedom Makeup Pro Contour Stick.

I've seen a few brands come up with versions of these cream contour sticks recently so I was very curious to try this out. I'm not at all skilled in cream contouring so this seemed like an easy place to start. The stick comes with a cream contour shade on one end and a matte highlight/concealer cream on the other end and mine is in the shade fair. I haven't tried this out yet but I like the look of the shades and the texture of the cream. Cream contour and highlight products can feel a little greasy but this just feels creamy so I have high hopes for it and I will definitely be giving this a try soon.

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Rose Gold. 

This was on special offer at half price so being on offer and being rose gold, it didn't take much to hit that "add to cart" button. These are said to be dupes for the Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadows, and there is a very similar shade in the Stila range to this rose gold too. The shadow is a cream to powder formula with an intense metallic foil finish. The box contains a liquid primer, mixing tray and the pigment itself. The instructions say to add a touch of primer to the tray, add some of the eyeshadow, mix together and apply to the eyes. I've only used this once so far, in the inner corners of the eyes to brighten up an evening eye look, and in an epic blogger fail, I forgot to take a photo of it! But you can see the colour and how metallic the finish is from the swatch. So far, I'm really impressed.

I Heart Makeup Bronze and Glow Palette.

First of all, how gorgeous is the packaging? You can't go wrong with gold and chocolate, seriously!
I Heart Makeup do a range of eyeshadow palettes all with the same chocolate bar themed packaging and I think it looks way more high end than it is. (They are modelled on the Too Faced chocolate bar palettes with some similar shades and chocolatey packaging in a similarly themed but not identical design). This palette is a duo of powders, with a matte bronzer and a shimmery highlighter in this cute chocolate palette which has a handy full-sized mirror inside. The photos on the Tam Beauty website don't do this justice, The highlighter is a beautiful champagne shade which is not at all chalky or chunky. The bronzer, while a little too warm for me to use as a contour, is perfect for adding that bronzed glow. The way I've used the palette is to apply a little bronzer to the cheeks and then top it off with the highlighter on the cheekbones..or what would be the cheekbones if I had them lol. I've literally been using this every day since it arrived and I would definitely recommend.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Nude Revolution Lipstick in Expose.

Ah yes she went there with an another nude lipstick. But to be fair, these matte lipsticks are comfortable to wear and give a decent colour payoff without drying out the lips. I already own a few of their nude lipsticks, in both matte and creamy finishes, and they are some of my most used lipsticks. There always seems to be at least two of them in my handbag at all times and at around €4 you can't go wrong. Plus it comes in a pretty rose gold bullet shaped tube and I can never say no to rose gold..

I Heart Makeup Ur The Best Thing Eyeshadow Palette.

When I saw this in the package I thought that they must have made a mistake, as it definitely wasn't on my order. However then I saw a little leaflet inside wishing me a Happy Valentines Day and telling me that they'd included a free gift as a thank you with all their Valentines' orders. (I ordered the week before around the 8th or 9th of February I think). This was so unexpected and while it wasn't something I even took a second look at on their website, it's actually gorgeous!

The palette contains 10 matte and 22 shimmer eyeshadows in a mix of colours from beige to brown to rose gold to taupe and tonnes in between. I've been loving the second row in the matte shades and the first four on each of the shimmer rows in particular. This is a great example of going above and beyond with customer service. Giving that little extra in the order really makes a girl feel special and feel like the brand appreciates their customers. Thank you Tam Beauty!

So there you have it, that's everything I ordered. No real "misses" as such even though I'm slightly let down by the consistency of the lip kits. As usual, delivery time to Ireland took about 4 or 5 working days and delivery is free if you spend over €60.

P.S. I bought everything myself (except for the free Valentines' gift) and all opinions are my own in case you're wondering!

If you've tried any of these products - let me know what you thought? Were you disappointed by any of them?

Bye for now,

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  1. You picked up soooo many amazing things! You've made me want to go shopping now. I especially love the look of that foil shadow. X


    1. Thanks Kate! Yes it's very pretty :) x

  2. All gorgeous products. I like the look of the Bronze and Glow palette the best xx

    1. Yes I think if I had to choose that would be my favourite too xx

  3. I was holding off on ordering the lip kit and I think I may leave it now. It sounds like it would drive me mad lol. I love the look of the I Heart Makeup Bronze and Glow Palette

  4. Unless they change the formula I don't think I would buy any more. The Bronze and Glow palette is gorgeous though and I'm already obsessed with it! xx