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Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Solid Brush Cleaner Review

Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Solid Brush Cleaner

Solid makeup brush cleaners are becoming an increasingly popular way of cleaning makeup brushes and I’ve been looking to try one out for a while now as I’ve heard that they are a great way of giving your brushes a good deep clean without too much fuss. So when I saw this was back in stock on, I decided to give it a try. It’s no secret that Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite affordable makeup brands – if not my actual favourite – so it’ll be no surprise either that I picked up their Pro Hygiene Sanitising Solid Brush Cleaner. 

So what is it? And how do you use it? 

It’s a little tub of effectively a solid soap which claims to dissolve makeup and give your brushes a deep cleanse. To use it, you wet your brush, swirl it around in the tub until it makes a lather, swirl in the palm of your hand to loosen the dirt and then rinse the brush well under running water. You then rinse the residue off the cleaner and carry on with the next brush. When finished, rinse the cleanser again and leave to dry off a bit for a few minutes before putting the lid back on and you’re ready to go again the next time. It comes in generous 100ml tub with simple black, white and copper packaging. 

To test this out, I thought the perfect brushes to clean would be my Nima Starter Brush Set as this contains a variety of different brush types – a powder brush, a flat kabuki brush for liquid makeup products, eyeshadow brushes, a small detail brush and a brow brush. I was the most curious to see how it would do with the foundation brush as these are the toughest to clean – especially when you use a long-lasting foundation like Double Wear! As you can see in the "before" photo below, the ones most in need of a good clean were the foundation brush and the brow brush - the rest weren't quite as mucky!

Makeup brush cleaner
Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Solid Brush Cleaner

Am I the only one who finds cleaning makeup brushes both tedious and satisfying at the same time?
Starting with the foundation brush, I did as the instructions advised – lather, swirl and rinse and it removed all traces of foundation from the brush quite quickly. I did repeat the process a second time just to make sure that it was totally clean. I repeated the same process with each of the other brushes, and not having as much gunk lodged in them, these were even easier to clean. 

Solid cleanser foundation brush
Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Solid Brush Cleaner
Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Solid Brush Cleaner

I also gave it a try on the Primark beauty blending sponge that I use for concealer and it was the cleanest I’ve ever been able to get a makeup sponge. 

Solid makeup brush cleaner

So what are my final thoughts? I was really impressed with this – the brushes were completely clean with very little effort and it has quite a subtle scent which didn’t linger on the brushes when dry. It is great for use at home, for makeup artists to have in their kit and also for travelling as there would be no spillages and the tub itself is quite compact. I would imagine this tub would last quite a long time too as you really don’t need to use much product to get a thorough clean. And at €7.01 (on it’s an absolute bargain. I can’t comment on other more expensive brush cleaners as this was the first product of this type that I’ve purchased but from research I’ve done I would imagine it gives the very same results without the price tag. If you are looking to give a product like this a try, I would definitely recommend picking this one up! Irish ladies might want to know that you can aso pick it up on the Matte To Metallic online store here as postage from the UK to Ireland is high enough unless you spend quite a large amount!

Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Solid Brush Cleaner

What's your favourite way to clean your makeup brushes? And if you've tried this product already, were you as impressed as I was? Feel  free as always to share!

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