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Primark Rose Gold Makeup Brushes Review

Primark makeup brushes
Quality makeup brushes can often be rather expensive, depending on how they are made and what the bristles are made of. They can however make a huge difference to the finish of your makeup application and your ability to blend products. I probably do have way more brushes than I actually need – and I have a feeling I’m not the only one! A lot of the time it is worth spending a bit more on them to get the best quality you can afford, but today I have a bargain buy for either those just starting out with experimenting more with makeup or for those feeling a bit strapped for cash which let’s face it a lot of us are in January! This rose gold set of brushes is from Penneys and is only a fraction of the price of the other metallic brushes on the market.

Inside the set you get a large powder brush, a foundation brush, a blusher brush, eyeshadow brush and angled brow brush, all with rose gold handles and white synthetic bristles and I’ll go through my thoughts on each of those individually..

Primark rose gold makeup brush

Powder brush:

My toddler likes to play with this one – he says it’s nice and fluffy. And yes, it is rather fluffy and does the job of applying setting powder fine. I don’t “bake” my foundation or concealer but I would imagine that this brush wouldn’t be suitable for that and that a denser, smaller, tapered brush would be better for baking. But for applying translucent powder or even blusher/bronzer, then this brush works well. You don’t get as much powder onto it as you would a kabuki brush but I don’t mind that so much.

Primark rose gold foundation brush

Foundation brush:

This is an angled flat foundation brush for use to apply liquid foundation. To be honest, I’m not a fan of flat foundation brushes – I much prefer the dense flat head brushes like the Blank Canvas F20. I tried it out for its intended purpose and it works but it doesn’t give as high a coverage as the dense brush would. If you like the flat type of brush then this would work for you though. I have been using this instead as a contouring brush to apply bronzer as I think the shape of it helps to get the bronzer right into the hollows (or imaginary hollows in my case ) under the cheekbones.

Primark rose gold foundation brush

Blusher brush:

This is pretty much a smaller version of the powder brush and it's not angled, just straight across. This is also incredibly soft and fluffy and great for dusting on blusher or bronzer on the cheeks - or even for applying highlighter.

Primark rose gold eyeshadow brush

Eyeshadow brush:

I'm rather fussy about eyeshadow brushes as I think the right or wrong type of brush can make or break the blending process! This one has quite a large head for an eyeshadow brush so I've only used either to apply an all-over base colour to the lid or to blend eyeshadows along the socket or crease line. I find it a little too big for precise application so it wouldn't be the best to create a smokey eye with for instance or to define the crease. However for the two purposes I use it for it applies great. For applying eyeshadow I also use the Zoeva Luxe Petite Crease brush and the Blank Canvas double-ended E40/E41 brush which allow for much more precise application than this one. You could alternatively use this to blend your under-eye concealer instead.

Primark rose gold brow brush

Primark rose gold brow brush

Brow brush:

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I didn't expect too much from it as it will take a lot to convert me from my Blank Canvas E38! This is still an angled brush but slightly smaller and fatter than the E38 so I didn't think it would allow for such precise application of my Freedom Brow Pomade. In fact, it does the job pretty well and I find myself reaching for this a lot when my other brush needs cleaning or if I'm in a rush on a weekday morning.

So how do the brushes wash?

Primark rose gold makeup brushes

I use a StylePro makeup brush cleaner which allows you to wash and dry your brushes in a fraction of the time. (You can read my review about it here if you would like to know more about how they work and if they work!)

I have used the StylPro to wash these and they came out pretty much like all my other brushes do - clean and dry but with a few hairs splayed that you have to shape back into place. The brow brush was probably the most difficult to clean but that is due to the nature of the brow product that I use not the brush itself.

And the final verdict?

These brushes are an absolute bargain. They feel very sturdy and high-end despite the €8 price tag and they would make a great gift for beauty lovers in your life or for anyone looking to start building a collection of makeup brushes. These were on sale over Christmas in Penneys/Primark and I picked them up just before Christmas. Unfortunately it took me a while to review them and tell you about them as I wanted to give them a proper use and wash too! If they do come back into store then they are definitely worth checking out - as indeed are their standard range of brushes which I have a few of in my makeup bag too.  I would suggest keeping an eye on Primark's Instagram or Facebook to see if they have any similar items coming back in future and it's a great way to keep up with what's new across the store too.

Are you as obsessed with makeup brushes as I am? Let me know your must-have brushes in the comments if you are! Or if you've tried these brushes and want to share your opinion of them then let us know too!

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