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How Not To Annoy A Toddler

Being a toddler is not easy. Being a parent to a toddler is not easy either. Their whole world revolves around themselves and they are still learning about the world and their place in it. This is understandable of course and we all went through it ourselves and put our own parents through the mill too. However the things that upset them are often the smallest things..

The following are the top 10 things that upset Little Man – written in what would be his own words if he was writing this post!

1) You made me put on Rubble socks when I wanted to wear Chase ones. I don’t care if the Chase ones are dirty. I will keep wearing them until I can throw them at the wall and they stick to it because Chase is my favourite.

2)I don’t want your help to put my coat on. Until I can’t do it and give out about it and wait for you to ask if I need help. And it’s the same with my hat and my gloves.

3)My milk is in the wrong cup. It doesn’t taste the same out of the blue cup as the orange one. Orange is my favourite.

4)I will only eat my dinner if you give me my Paw Patrol fork and spoon. Even though I have loads of others and I don’t even use the spoon. I just like to hold it while I’m eating.

5)I didn’t eat my dinner because you put it on the wrong plate. It’s nicer on the other plate.

6)I don’t like brushing my teeth with the blue toothpaste. Only the orange.

7) I know when you’re going to be late for work. So I will do everything extra slow just because I can. And I might have a tantrum. Just because I can.

8)Everything is mine. Even if it’s yours. Until I break it, then you can have it back.

9)My Chase toy has to come everywhere with me – including to school and to bed. He’s my favourite. If you tell me to leave him at home I will cry and hide in my room and probably take all my clothes off.

10)I’m only little and I can’t always say what I mean. So you need to read my mind all the time. If you can’t, I will cry and probably lie down on the floor. It doesn’t matter where we are I will find a floor.

What would your little one add to this list if they could?

Until next time,

Little Man and exhausted Mammy x

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