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Mammy's Christmas Wishlist

Everywhere we look at the moment are gift guides, wish lists and never ending shopping lists. I love Christmas as much as the next person, and all the excitement leading up to it. I've even written a couple of gift guide blog posts myself this month! However it's easy to get sucked into all the hype and spending as much as you would on a small country on gifts. I do have a few actual items that I discreetly pointed out to Mr. Mamavoom as potential gifts in case he was stuck for ideas, but in reality I would survive without them. This post, instead of an actual shopping list, is the list I would give to Santa as a Mum and a list which a few Mums reading this might be able to relate to!

1)A lie in. 

By this I mean a toddler not waking up until at least 8.30am. I realise that the lie-in days of my 20s are far behind me but it would be nice not to be woken at 7am by a toddler wanting to get out and come and watch Netflix in Mummy and Daddy’s bed. Anyone else noticed that no matter what time you put a baby or toddler to bed they will always wake up at the exact same time the following morning??

2)A year’s supply of Touch Éclat to cover up the eye bags and shadows which I’m pretty much stuck with now for the rest of my life since becoming a Mum.

3)A hot coffee which can be drunk when it’s actually freshly made and not need to be reheated in the microwave 2 or 3 times afterwards. Anyone else do this? 

4)To watch a full “grown-ups” program on the tv without having to swap over to Chase and Marshall and the “good pups” of Paw Patrol.

5)A talking mirror that tells you when you have unidentified stains on your clothes from a toddler’s mucky paw prints. Especially for those mornings when you’re rushing to get ready for work and afraid to turn on too many lights for fear of awakening the Little Person! If that mirror could also tell you when you haven’t blended in your foundation properly that would be amazing, thanks.

6) An (uninterrupted) hot bath. 

Inevitably on rare evening when you’ve just run the perfect bath with your favourite Lush bath bomb and dip your toe in it, a little voice will call out for a dodie or a teddy that has fallen out of the bed.

7) An unaccompanied trip to the bathroom. Heartwarming and all as it is that he wants to be near his Mum at any given time, it'd be nice to have a little bit of alone time. Especially when they start to comment on what colour your underwear is that day...

8)A year’s supply of coffee to compliment the Touche Éclat for obvious reasons.. I’m a realist though so I’m not expecting them all to be hot – see point no.2!

9)A year’s supply of dry shampoo. Especially essential for Mums of newborns who have lost count of the number of days since they last washed their hair or Mums of toddlers who literally wake up as soon as you pour out the shampoo in the shower. 

10)   Someone to clean out the turkey for me. If, like me, you are the designated chef for Christmas day then you will know what delights are often left inside the bird when you pick it up from the butchers. One year I didn’t even realise and only three hours later to my horror did I find the giblets still inside! It’s safe to say I check twice now..

Jokes and mummy rants aside, I genuinely don’t need or want much for Christmas other than quality time with our own little family, with Little Man’s grandparents, aunties and uncles and cousins. Looking back on my own childhood and the magic and anticipation of it all, those are the kind of memories that I want to make for my own children. And to make our own traditions for them to pass on down the line in future. 

Mind you, if someone could clean up the kitchen post Christmas dinner cooking, pass me a bottle of Baileys, a pair of slippers and a tin of Roses then that would be fabulous.

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Bye for now,

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