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Primark Haul

Primark haul beauty and accessories

Last week during the week I decided to make a lunch hour trip to Penneys. Of course the hour isn’t long enough when you factor in the drive there and back and the hunt for a parking space but I did manage to pop a few bits in my basket. And I thought that seeing as ye seemed to like the last Penneys/Primark haul post I wrote that I would show you what I picked up this time.
Scarf, €8.

Primark haul

SPenneys scarf and shoes and mango coat

Is it just me or have you noticed the sudden drop in temperature coinciding with the arrival of November?! I’ve definitely felt more of a chill in the air and I seem to have a ton of scarves at home in lovely colours but in that light fabric that makes them more of a pashmina than an actual scarf. And nothing in remotely Autumn/Winter colours apart from a black one with a white fair isle print that I bought last Christmas. And finding something to match a couple of different coats is challenging. This one isn’t a very heavy knitted one either but it’s heavy enough to keep the chill out for now. I thought it would go particularly well with my grey Mango coat from last year. 

Penneys have a huge range of scarves at the moment in lots of lovely seasonal colours and also some of those blanket-types that they bring out every year at this time. I bought one of those last year and it’s a bit too bulky right now but definitely good for throwing over the shoulders when you’re wearing a lighter coat. P.S how difficult are scarves to photograph – I hope you can get the idea of what this is like despite my poor attempts!

Notebooks, €3.50 and €4.00.

Gabriella Primark stationery

Gabriella Primark stationery
 Gabriella Primark Stationery

This is part of a range in collaboration with blogger and YouTuber VelvetGhost  aka Gabriella Rose. There are other items in the stationary range including post it sets, a stationery set including paper clips etc, and a cute pencil case. I didn’t have time to hang around but I believe there are also homeware bits including bedding, cushions and mugs to be found too. These are all in the same lilac colour scheme so a lot of these would be great gift ideas for the younger, “girlier” ladies out there and especially for fans of Gabriella. No I did not need any more stationery but as this is a limited edition range I was hit by the FOMO – and I can never resist a bit of fancy paper anyway.

Shoes, €11.

Primark suede shoes

I spend a lot of time in flat shoes during the week and these are a more “grown-up” alternative to ballet flats which I seem to live in. After reading a recent article in Image magazine I’m trying to update my work wardrobe and that article suggested considering more “grown-up” flats so this is the start of my wardrobe update. Also the more affordable ballet flat styles tend to have a short life span and need to be replaced pretty often! I’m thinking these would look good with a pair of skinny black trousers or with skinny jeans too. They are faux suede with little tassles on the front which don’t seem to come out well in the photos.

Penneys have a great range of alternatives to ballet flats at the moment with lots of different coloured loafer and brogues styles and different strappy flats. I didn’t have time to snap any photos of them while I was there but I will do next time and probably post them on my Instagram stories.

Marble makeup bag, €4.

Primark marble makeup bag

Primark marble makeup bag

These have popped up on my Instagram feed a few times recently and of course I had to have one seeing as it’s marble! I actually found the last one in the Dundrum Town Centre but hopefully they can still be found elsewhere.

It is a little big for carrying a few bits in your handbag but will be perfect for travelling or for storing your everyday makeup at home. It is roomy enough to fit in a full face of makeup plus a few brushes if required. It fits a couple of the Sleek Makeup eyeshadow palettes too which will give you an idea of the size. The Penneys makeup bags in general are good quality and very affordable and there are lots of different styles in store at the moment at around the same price as this one.  

Amelie Eau de Parfum, €4.

Primark Amelie perfume

When I saw this I was immediately reminded of the bottle of the hugely popular Chloe fragrance. I’m not entirely sure whether it is a similar fragrance to the Chloe one as I don’t have that in my collection but this will be perfect for the days when you don’t want to use your spendier perfumes. I squirted this on my hand to test while I was there and I could still smell it on my skin a few hours later so I suspect that for the price this will be rather long-lasting. It actually reminds me scent-wise of Armani’s Si perfume – not identical but it definitely has similar notes.

So I came out with a pretty mixed bag but then that tends to happen when you go into Penneys.. No makeup or skincare purchases as I really need to use up what’s in my stash first and revisit some old favourites in terms of makeup. Plus it is getting to that time of year where you start to make Santa lists and Santa needs to stop shopping now and save up for a certain Little Man’s gifts!
If you have picked up any of these or have any other Penneys finds to share do let us know in the comments below :)

Bye for now,

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