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How to feel good during pregnancy

Top tips for feeling good during pregnancy

This week was an emotional one for me as I found out that a very special friend of mine is going to be a Mum soon! It occurred to me then that although I had written posts on what to buy for a new baby, where to buy maternity clothes and some practical advice for first-time Mums, I hadn’t yet touched on my advice for during the pregnancy. So I thought I would do a post on my top tips for looking after yourself, and consequently the Baba, while you await the big arrival.
Expecting your first baby (or babies!) is an exciting, tiring and emotional time. Your body and your hormones are often playing tricks on you and you are growing a small human so it is going to use up quite a lot of your energy!

So onto some tips and advice from my own experience and some words of wisdom I got from other Mums.

1) Get as much rest as possible. 

How to feel good during pregnancy

Make the most of the opportunity to take naps if you can. Especially as you get closer to your due date, it will get more difficult to sleep at night. Between finding it hard to get comfortable with a bowling ball in your belly, potential heartburn or nausea and any other associated symptoms, you may find yourself not getting your full night’s sleep. Therefore fit in power naps and sleeps whenever you can! I used to think it was nature’s way of preparing you for the sleepless nights ahead of you when the baba arrived! Of course if you work full-time you can't be napping on demand but instead go to bed early and don't be spending half the night on Instagram or Youtube! (Guilty!)

2) A body pillow is your new best friend.

Also in relation to sleep or lack thereof – get yourself a body pillow if you can. These are double the length of a normal pillow and skinnier and very useful especially for resting the bump on when you want to lie on your side and to support your back and knees too. I also shaped mine into a “V” and used it behind my back if I wanted to be propped up in the bed. I picked up one from Argos which you can find here.  

3)Eat little and often

How to feel good during pregnancy

Nausea and heartburn can strike and as the baby grows you will probably find you can eat less at mealtimes so keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand to keep you going. Indulge the naughty cravings from time to time and ask your doctor or midwife what is safe for you to eat and what you should avoid. Have the pizza if you want it just make sure that it's not your staple food for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

4) Make sure you are taking Folic Acid, or even better a multi vitamin which also contains Folic Acid. 

Your midwife or pharmacist can advise you on the best ones to suit you. Whether or not you take other vitamins, Folic Acid is essential during pregnancy to help prevent neural defects in the baby. Again, speak to your doctor or midwife for advice.

5)Sign up for your ante natal classes on time - and don't skip any!

Go to all of them even if the thoughts of them make you shudder. I wasn’t exactly delighted about the prospect of labour and delivery and although I was too squeamish to attend the birth video session, the rest of the information and advice was invaluable. If at all possible, whoever is going to be your birth partner needs to go with you to every class so that they also know what to expect and how to support you.

6) Get yourself some comfy maternity clothes.

However, unless you have a fancy event to attend or need to make an extra special effort for work, don’t spend a fortune. By the end of your pregnancy you will be sick of the sight of the damn things and won’t want to wear them again in a hurry if ever! Asos and New Look online have great maternity ranges and Penneys/Primark have a select range as well, usually denims and casual wear. I did go into more detail on this in a previous post which you can find here.

How to feel good during pregnancy

7) Invest in decent maternity bras. 

How to feel good during pregnancy

The "girls" will get heavier and bigger - a prospect which some might be delighted about but me, not so much! Go and get yourself properly measured at a lingerie department once you hit the second trimester and follow their advice so that you get the best support and most comfy fit that you can. Ideally, wide shoulder straps, adjustable back fastenings and soft but supportive cups with support panels on the sides are recommended during pregnancy.

8)      Reduce your caffeine intake. 

How to feel good during pregnancy

Ah this one was a tough one for me. Many baby and parenting resources advise that you should limit your caffeine intake during pregnancy to no more than 200mg. This equates to one large mug of regular coffee. I allowed myself one small "real coffee" in the mornings and switched to decaf tea and coffee for the rest of the day. There are also some really delicious fruit and herbal teas out there too - just make sure that they are safe for pregnancy before you put on the kettle!

9)      Do your Kegel exercises. 

I won't go into what this is but ask your GP or midwife and they will tell you that they're important to keep the pelvic floor muscles in good working order!

10)   Embrace being pregnant and the miracle that you are growing this tiny human – corny as that sounds. Take your bump photos and don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by your changing body. It’s all part of the life-changing process of becoming a Mammy and I wish you a happy and healthy nine months and lots of happiness with your bundle of joy!

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  1. Pregnancy was tough for me but I wouldn't change a thing now looking back. Great advice there. I wish I had taken more photos though especially of my bump. X

    1. Thanks Danielle x Me too we only had a couple of photos. Tough as it is it's a special time :) x