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Create Your Own Palettes from Makeup Obsession

Makeup companies are finally copping onto the fact that we are all individuals and that one eyeshadow or blush palette doesn't necessarily fit all. Enter the create-your-own palettes. Makeup Geek, Mac and Inglot have already conquered the market for customised palettes whether they are eyeshadow, blushers, highlighters or bronzers.  And when I saw recently on Instagram that there was a new brand getting ready to hit stores, I literally could not wait to get personalising my own palette.

Makeup Obsession is another brand from the geniuses behind Tam Beauty - which already encompasses Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup and Freedom Makeup to name a few brands. The Makeup Obsession range is exclusively available in Boots stores currently - and more precisely, Boots Emporiums and online at or

If you haven't heard of the Boots Emporiums, basically they are a beauty lover's "happy place". According to Boots, their Emporiums are all about "experimenting with the latest trends and hottest beauty brands", with the customisable makeup palettes, engraving service and customisable beauty gift boxes being just a few of the services.

I managed a super quick trip into the only Boots Emporium in Dublin. (I would quite happily have wandered around for a lot longer however there were a hangry toddler and Daddy waiting outside to go get dinner in the shopping centre). Although you can buy these online, for my first purchases I really wanted to be able to swatch the products before choosing to add them to my palette.

So how does this work, you ask? You pick your preferred palette. They come in a variety of colours including gold, rose, gold, silver and a more classic black and in eithe medium or large sizes. The medium holds 6 pans and the large holds 12 pans. I decided on the medium size in the Luxe mirrored
finish which cost 8.00EUR. I could have gotten the palette engraved while I was there but I decided to give that a miss for now due to aforementioned hangry men!

I decided to try out four eyeshadows and two highlighters which I will go through below. The pans are interchangeable at any time so you can always swap out colours if you get bored with them or want to change it up a bit. As they are sold individually in their own little cases you could actually just buy the singles on their own too.

Eyeshadow in E132 Pearl.

This is a matte, pale base shade which can be used all over the lids or under the brow bone to highlight. I went for the matte instead of a shimmer as it can be easier to wear when you get to my age! It is a soft, buttery shadow that is just so easy to apply. This will definitely become a staple shade in my makeup collection.

Eyeshadow in E144 Lucky Charm.

This is another type of shade that is a staple in any eyeshadow collection - a classic shimmery light taupe shade. Again this could be used all over the lid to add a hint of colour or layered under darker colours if you are going for a smokier look. I've been using this swept all over the lid when I don't have much time in the mornings to do up my face. (Read: most mornings) and it gives a beautiful shimmer to the lids without being glittery.

Eyeshadow in E110 Scene.

In a previous post on how to choose eyeshadow for your eye colour, I mentioned that coral and peach tones are so good for blue eyes. And since I have blue eyes myself this was a pretty easy choice! It is another shimmer shadow but again is not glittery or chunky. It gives a really pretty wash of corally, peachy colour to the lids and would be great either on its own or also as part of a rusty toned smokey eye which is so popular right now. This one does feel a bit more chalky than Lucky Charm but it's still usable once you don't try to apply too much all at once.

Oh and while I was taking these photos to show you lovely people I dropped Scene on the tiled floor, so this one is no more until I get a replacement - raging!!

Eyeshadow in E127 Chocolate Cream.

Ah who can resist chocolate? Not me anyway. This one is a gorgeous matte brown chocolatey shade as the name suggests - perfect for adding definition to the crease or creating a brown smokey eye. It is as soft and buttery as the Pearl shade and blends easily. I chose this to compliment the other three colours to allow me to create a number of eye looks and get more value out of the palette.
The eyshadow singles are all priced at 2.50EUR each and they come in 50 - yes, 50! - different shades.

Because I have more blushers and bronzers than I know what to do with - and seeing as a girl can never have too many highlighters - the last two pans I picked up are powder highlighters.

Highlighter in H105 Bare.

This is a champagne-coloured highlighter again with a finely milled shimmer and will suit a lot of skin tones. It's subtle enough for everyday use or else you can build it up if you're going for that "seen from space look".

Highlighter in H03 Bronze.

As the name suggests, this is a more bronze, dark gold toned highlight without being orangey. This is also finely milled and super soft and buttery. It's just gorgeous. There aren't any more words to describe it. The highlighters are priced at 4.00EUR each and they come in either powder or cream formulations with a total of 10 options.

Although I haven't picked up any yet, they also offer a range of 12 blusher shades which are also priced at 4.00 EUR and 10 bronzer/contour shades also at the same price point.

So what's my overall verdict on Makeup Obsession?

Firstly, the packaging feels super sturdy and a lot more "luxe" than the price in my opinion - especially for the metallic ones. Secondly, the shade range is really good, especially the eyeshadows, and you can play it as safe as you want or be as daring as you like with bolder colours. Thirdly, they are very reasonably priced and considering that you can swap and change means you can buy as many or as few as you like depending on your budget to build your own palette. Also, you can essentially have all of your eye and cheek products in one handy palette if you choose wisely - making them great for travelling or when space is at a premium. And lastly, and most importantly, the pigmentation and quality of the products is as good as the rest of the TAM Beauty range and indeed better than some of the more expensive brands out there!

If you have a Boots Emporium near you, you really need to go and have a look at how they have designed the Emporium experience. Unfortunately we only have two of these in Ireland - in Boots Liffey Valley Shopping Centre in Dublin and Boots Half Moon Street Cork, but they are also available on so I will be picking up some more options for my palette from there! I also highly recommend these palettes and can't wait to see what else the brand launches in the future!

If you have one of these already - what's in your palette and what are your thoughts on it? All comments welcome :)

Bye for now,

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