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Primark PS Bronze Gradual Tan Review

PS Bronze Gradual Tan

Today's Friday Steal has become a staple on my bathroom shelf over the past few weeks. I have the type of skin that will not tan in the sun for love nor money. I usually go just a little more "off-white" than white so for me, self tan is a must. I also don't have the most expertise when it comes to applying tan or indeed the time to do it properly! So for me, gradual tanning lotions are ideal.

When I saw this on Primark's Instagram a while ago, like the Penneys devotee that I am, I immediately went searching for it in my local store. 

The PS Bronze collection was launched in July and included a Pre-tan Exfoliator, Shimmer Oil for the body, Instant Tan in light and dark versions, a Gradual Tanner for the face and this Gradual Tan for the body. Everything in the range is priced between €3 and €5. Every product comes in the sleek packaging with rose gold finishes. 

Like all gradual tanners, this is a colourless lotion that you apply after your bath or shower and leave on overnight when it will slowly develop on your skin. The idea is that you wake up the following morning with a subtle golden glow that you can build on for a deeper colour. And these products are a body lotion and tanning lotion in one which for time saving is a win for me these days!

Primark PS Bronze Gradual Tan

This gradual tan only comes in one shade which is apparently suitable for all skin tones. The lotion itself is the usual white colour and pretty standard in terms of fragrance. It does take a few minutes to absorb so you need to wait before getting dressed, but once it had soaked in I didn't find any transfer onto sheets or pyjamas by the following morning. The colour was pretty subtle after the first use but it did take the pasty hue off my skin. I used it every second day then over the course of a week and was very impressed with the resulting colour. Using it every day would be too much so every second or third day is perfect for a natural looking tan. It does have the same underlying smell as most self tans but it wasn't as "offensive" as I've found some to be in the past.

Primark PS Bronze Gradual Tan

And one of the best parts? This will only set you back €5! If you are looking for a fuss-free, budget friendly tanning option then I would highly recommend this. Penneys hun all the way!

Have you tried anything from the PS Bronze range? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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