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The Luxe Life by Fleur De Force: Review

The Luxe Life Fleur de Force

Fleur de Force is one of the UK's most successful fashion and beauty bloggers and vloggers. Since starting out on YouTube in 2009, she has grown to having an impressive 1.9 million subscribers combined on her vlog and main channels. She released her own makeup collection and eyelash collection in 2015 along with her first book "The Glam Guide". Her second book, "The Luxe Life" was released in July this year.

The Luxe Life is described as the more sophisticated, older sister of The Glam Guide - its theme being "Everyday Luxuries for Lovers of Beauty, Fashion and Food". The introduction describes luxe living as all about becoming your best self and making it look totally effortless. It is also about going that extra mile to make every occasion extra special. My first impression of this book was that the theme of it is definitely reflected in the style of cover, the hardback and of course the copper trim. It feels rather weighty with good quality paper and the copper accents do make it rather "Instagrammable". If I didn't have a toddler who would destroy it with crayons, it would make a lovely coffee table addition..

So, enough about the exterior. Is there substance behind the style? 

The Luxe Life is filled with tips on beauty and makeup, fashion, home decor, entertaining and gift giving to name a few. Makeup tips include how to wear colour in your makeup and own it and how to make your makeup last all day. She also talks us through her favourite signature makeup looks and how to achieve them. The section on Day To Night Fashion Essentials is a must read for busy Mums like me - who need to either dress up or dress down an outfit in a hurry and choose the right accessories to help dress up an outfit. If you have a wardrobe that's out of control like mine, then the Wardrobe Organisation chapter will also be a winner for you. 

The Luxe Life Makeup Tips

The Luxe Life Hairstyle Tips

There are also many chapters on achieving that luxe life in your home - from home decor, to candles/home fragrances, how to be the perfect host, diy projects, party food and drinks and also a chapter on the art of giving gifts. Granted, I'm not organising dinner parties right now but the recipes do look rather fuss free to make even though the results do look particularly fancy!If we have friends and family over at Christmas time then I will be trying these out! It is definitely a book that you would pick up often when you have a particular event or project to plan for - whether to plan an outfit, a menu, glam up your home etc. 

The Luxe Life Hosting at Home

The Luxe Life Afternoon Tea

The entire book is beautifully presented and photographed and well written. I'm no grammar expert myself but there is nothing worse than reading a book that you feel has been thrown together, with questionable grammar and not the best attention to detail. This book definitely feels like a lot of effort was put into it and the styling in it is impeccable. I would most certainly recommend this book - not only for Fleur fans but also for beauty lovers, busy women and those looking to achieve the look of a champagne life on a bucks fizz budget!

Have you read this book yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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  1. Great post and the your pics as always are amazing! I am definetly adding this to my Santa list x

  2. Thanks Yvonne! Poor Santa will have his hands full lol x