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PS Pro Longwear Finishing Powder Review

Primark PS Pro Longwear Finishing Powder

Today's beauty bargain is a little gem that I picked up from Penneys and their much-raved about PS Pro range. Some of the products from the range were big hits for me - the foundation and one of the primers especially- which you can read more about here and some were big no-nos, This powder is one of the ones that made it onto my "hits" list.

It is a loose, translucent powder designed to mattify the skin and set your foundation to make it last longer. Many makeup artists swear by these types of powders (the Laura Mercier one being the most hyped at the moment), as being colourless, they can suit all skin tones and can also be used for the "baking" method which seems to be popular these days. On a Monday morning with a todder pulling at my leg to get me to put Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig on the ipad, I have zero time for baking. I'm not even sure I would know how to bake!

Primark PS Pro Longwear Finishing Powder

So what about the size and the price? It comes in a 11g tub, and will set you back a mere €6.  It doesn't sound like a lot of product but actually a little goes a very long way so I think this would last ages - unless you are baking for Ireland :)

The tub has those little holes on the top so that you shake some of the powder into the lid or just on the top of the tub then use your brush to apply it. You do have to be careful not to sneeze when you open it or in fact make any sudden movements as it can get rather messy! And like any other powder of its kind,  I would not recommend carrying it around in your handbag or you are at risk of spillages!

Primark PS Pro Longwear Finishing Powder

Once you have a little bit of product out, dip your brush in and tap off the excess. I like to use this Flawless brush mostly as it makes it more precise to get the powder under the eyes and on my nose or any other oily areas. You can either dust over your entire face to set your foundation as well or just to set your concealer and mattify oily areas, whichever you prefer. I prefer to use one of the Radiant Lights powders from Makeup Revolution on the rest of my face so I stick to the areas I really need my makeup to "stick to".

So is it any good?

For the price, I think this powder does the job really well. The fact that it is translucent makes it a universal shade which is great. If you are looking to try out a loose powder and want to start with a more affordable option then I would definitely recommend this one.

Have you tried this powder yet and what did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Bye for now,


  1. Thanks Claire :-) wish we had penneys in France for many reasons but for sure that's another one! Have a nice Friday.

  2. Thanks Claire :-) wish we had penneys in France for many reasons but for sure that's another one! Have a nice Friday.

  3. Thanks Pascale :) Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Ooh this sounds great and I have heard a few people mention it. I haven't tried any Primark makeup yet but you have tempted me xx

    1. Some of their makeup is really good - you would like the PS Pro Lipsticks too especially the pinks 💕 😉


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