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Penneys Haul

Primark haul stationery beauty and homeware

Don't we all love a bit of Penneys/Primark?! These days they are really pulling it out of the bag in terms of beauty, homewares and other girly bits and pieces. Their Instagram account has been full of new shiny bits and bobs lately, and being the magpie that I am, I've been keeping an eye in my local Penneys for beauty and makeup bargains and also for a few little bit decor bits to brighten up the apartment. And of course I'm always keeping an eye out for a few bits to brighten up the blog photos!
Anyways, onto what I picked up on Saturday - in Penneys in Dundrum Town Centre.

PS Gradual Tan Subtle Glow Daily Moisturiser.

Primark PS Gradual Tan Lotion

I'm not great at applying self tanners so gradual tanning moisturisers are great for amateurs like me. Slap it on at night after your bath or shower and by morning you should have a subtle glow. You can then build it up over a few applications if you wish and it's much easier to avoid the streaks and mishaps. I regularly use Dove's gradual tan and have done for years. I saw this one on Primark's Instagram recently and was curious to try it out.

It is meant to be suitable for all skin tones - which is unusual as normally these products have one for fair to medium and medium to dark skin. This cost €5 for a 150ml tube. The tube looks pretty too but of course that is not the main point of it. I'm looking forward to giving this a try.

PS Bronze Shimmer Oil.
Primark PS Shimmer Body Oil

I went into this section of Penneys initially looking for the Cocoa Brown Rose Gold Golden Goddess oil which has just been released as a limited edition product in their range. However to my disappointment the shelf where it should have been was totally empty!
I decided instead to give this product a try. It is a gold shimmery body oil for the face and body to moisturise and give a subtle shimmer. I tested it out just on my hand which you will see below and the gold particles in it are actually quite fine so it doesn't appear to have a disco ball effect. I think I'm going to like this one. On top of a tan I think it will look lovely. It looks quite yellow and scary in the bottle but in fact on the skin it is a much more muted gold shade. This cost €4 for a 50ml bottle which is definitely big enough. Be warned though the consistency is very runny so be careful pouring it out!

PS Vitamin E Smoothing Moisturising Hand Cream.

Primark PS Vitamin E Hand Cream

This looked very similar to the Cien hand creams recently brought into Lidl which I've been loving lately. It doesn't have the same yummy fragrances as those ones but it contains Vitamin E and is said to be intensively moisturising. It's nothing to write home about but as a cheap and cheerful handcream to throw into the handbag it will do the job. It seems that a lot of the budget brands are bringing out handcreams like these recently with the same metal paint-tube like packaging - which reminds me of the gorgeous L'Occitane hand creams but at a fraction of the price. This cost €1.50 for a 30ml tube.

PS Matte Long Last Lipstick in the shade "Tickle".
Primark PS Long Last Matte Lipstick Tickle

Matte lips are still a big trend in makeup and I only have a couple of matte lipsticks plus a couple of the Sleek liquid mattes so I thought I would give this one a try. For the teeny price of €2 I couldn't pass it by could I? It is a lovely nude pinky shade with a hint of purple as opposed to being a real "baby pink" so it's right up my street. Pigmentation appears to be good too - I swatched it on my hand and tried to rub it off with my fingers and it was stubborn enough. I'm trying it out over the next couple of days so I'll update you on my social media as to how it wears over the course of a day!

That's all the beauty items I picked up so now it's onto stationery and random bits and bobs!

Marble and Rose Gold To Do List Pad.
Primark Rose Gold Marble To Do List Pad

I've mentioned before my love of fancy paper and notebooks and notepads. I seriously did not need any more but I guess that's never stopped me before! This is a magnetic pad, which comes with a black ink pen in silver and rose gold that clips onto the side of the pad. This will be really handy if you need something to put reminders on - on the front of your fridge or any other metallic surface. We actually have a built in fridge but I will find somewhere to keep it to keep tabs on groceries etc that are running low to remind me to add to the weekly shop. Or any other shopping lists in fact...
This cost a whole €1.50. The one drawback is though that the sheets aren't perforated for easy tearing off. Still, for that price I can't complain. Plus it combines two of my other favourite things - rose gold and marble!

Marble and Rose Gold Spiral Notebook.
Primark Notebook rose gold and marble

And again with the fancy paper. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. It's an A5 sizenotebook, with white pages with grey ruling and a rose gold spine too. I just thought it was so pretty and looked way more expensive than it was at €2! And I may stock up on  a couple more during the week if I can as they would make lovely gifts too and I don't think they will last long in store!

Copper String Lights.
Primark Copper String Lights

Copper, stars and pretty lights. What's not to love? These are 20 led warm white lights on a  2.35m wire. I had bought a multi coloured set of lights recently and had used them to decorate the headboard in our bedroom. Husband said it made the room look like a night club so I took them down as that wasn't the vibe I was going for - it was meant to induce relaxation and calm haha.. These ones are much more subtle and look really pretty and add a cosiness to the room when you only have side lamps on. The only drawback is that they need 3 x AA batteries - not 2 like most sets of lights, so they will be a bit more expensive to use. Having said that, the lights themselves only cost €3 so still a bargain!

Notecards, 2 pack in various designs.

I couldn't resist these as they were only 90 cent for a pack of 2! The designs are really pretty and they would make lovely cards for any occasion as they are blank inside and you can add your own message. I'm thinking of framing these and actually putting them on the wall somewhere, with all 4 placed together somehow. That is yet to be decided!
They would also make lovely props to add to your blog or Instagram photos if you have a similar theme or look that you're going for.

That's everything that I picked up at the weekend. Hopefully it gives you some inspiration and tips!
If you've tried any of the products here do let me know your thoughts!

Bye for now,

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