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Nighttime Skincare Routine

Nightime skincare routine

Sometimes it is the last thing that many of us (including me!) feel like doing at the end of a long day, but a good night time skincare routine is so important. In order to allow your skin to breathe during the night and to help repair itself, it is essential to make sure you have removed all of your makeup and whatever dirt and oil is clogging up your pores. Night time is also the perfect time to apply an intensive moisturiser or treatment as your skin really has the time to absorb it all. It doesn’t take long to make a new regime into a habit so if you need to up your night time skin efforts, start now and before you know it you will do all the steps without thinking!
Recently, I’ve really tried to put more effort into my skincare and already my skin feels softer and a little clearer for it already. So I thought I would share with you the steps that I’m currently following in case any of it is helpful to you in creating the right skincare regime to best look after your skin type, whatever your age. It really will stand to you over time and after all there is no point in spending all your cash on expensive makeup if the foundations aren’t being looked after!
Here are the steps I’m currently following I hope it might be of some help!

Step 1: First cleanse with micellar water.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

The first step is to remove all makeup, including eye makeup, from the face using a micellar water. Moisten a cotton pad with this and sweep gently over face and eyes, continuing until all traces of makeup are removed. Currently I’m using the Garnier one pictured above but other brands will work equally well. Micellar waters are extremely popular at the moment as they are gentle enough to remove makeup and generally they are fragrance free and suitable even for sensitive skins. I find the Penneys/Primark cotton pads are great as not only are they reasonably priced but they have stitching around the edges which stops the pads fraying and getting all fluffy when they’re wet. And I think they only cost 75c a pack which is great when you go through them so quickly!

Step 2: Second cleanse using a wash-off cleanser.

Declare Soft Cleansing Gel Philosophy Purity Made Simple M&S Pure Cleanser

My cleanser of choice is a wash-off one, but a cream- based one not a foaming wash as foaming washes can be drying if you already have dry skin. My skin would tend to be on the drier side, with some oiliness on the tzone and foaming cleansers can cause a tightening, drying sensation on the skin. In my opinion, the following are good choices if you have normal to dry skin with some oily patches. I alternate between these depending on my mood but all leave the skin super soft and refreshed with no irritation or tightness:

-Declare Soft Cleansing Gel.
-M&S Pure Instant Radiance Hot Cloth Cleanser.
-Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser.

Whichever one of these I use, I will apply a five-cent sized amount to a wet face and massage for a minute or two. I then rinse off using warm (not hot) water and a flannel which helps to give a little bit of exfoliation to the skin as well due to the textured cloth.

Step 3: Toner.

Lidl Cien Nourishing Facial Toner

Toners are often underrated but they really do help to remove all traces of cleanser/makeup remover etc from your face. The last thing you want is to put your luxurious face cream on top of skin that isn't 100% clean as all you will end up doing is clogging up your pores. This is a relatively new addition to my routine too so I'm keeping it budget friendly for now with this Cien Nourishing Facial Toner from Lidl. I use one cotton pad to sweep over the face gently. It has a lovely delicate fragrance and leaves the skin nice and refreshed. It is alcohol free too which is important if you have tendencies for dry skin like I do.

Step 4: Eye cream.

Lancome Genefique Yeux

I then apply eye cream to the under eye area, gently tapping into the skin, not rubbing, as the skin in this area is very delicate. At the moment my eye treatment of choice is the Lanc├┤me Genefique Yeux Eye-Illuminating Youth Activator as I received a sample of this and some other Lancome products when I purchased my day cream from them a few months ago. You only need a tiny amount of this so although it might be a pricier purchase, it is definitely worth investing in a good eye cream to help reduce puffiness and help in the fight against wrinkles. (Essential for Mums and all women when you get to my age!)

Step 5: Serum.

PS Love to Glow Instant Radiance Serum

Once the eye cream has absorbed, I apply a small amount of serum to the face, allowing this to be absorbed before applying moisturiser. At the moment, I’m using the serum from the Penneys PS Love to Glow range but normally I would use Vichy’s Idealia Life Serum. This has run out recently and while I’m waiting for pay day I pulled this one out of my stash.  If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I recently picked up the Lacura serum from Aldi too. This however did not suit my skin at all and not only was the scent extremely off putting, I started to break out in spots where I wouldn’t normally. So that was a no-no for me. 

Step 6: Apply night cream.

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Cream

Finding the right night time moisturiser for your skin is also super important to help the skin renew itself overnight and to give your skin the type of hydration it needs. This one has been my go-to for ages after I read several reviews of it online and it’s the Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Cream. You can probably tell by now that I’m a big fan of Vichy in general and they have such an extensive range to suit all skin types and ages. This is meant to recreate the look of a full night's sleep even when your nights are cut short. (Other Mums reading this may relate!).

It is a light gel-cream texture that absorbs easily into the skin without leaving a greasy feel and it has a lovely fragrance too without being overpowering. By morning, my skin definitely feels nice and soft and looks refreshed. A big thumbs up from me!

So that's everything in my current night time skincare regime. As always you are more than welcome to let me know your favourite products in the comments!

Bye for now,

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