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Glossybox UK August 2016 Review

Glossybox UK August 2016

It's Beauty Box time of the month again and Glossybox is the first one I'm diving into this month. Glossybox are 5 years' old this month so the August box is a collaboration with luxe accessory label Rae Feather as part of their birthday celebrations. So was this month's box extra special? Read on to find out...

This month's box didn't have a particular "theme" apart from the birthday and collaboration so there was a nice mix of skincare, body products and one makeup item. I'll start with the makeup which is usually the first item I gravitate towards!

Makeup Academy Eyeshadow Palette.

Make Up Academy Eyeshadow Palette Glitter Ball

In case you haven't heard of them, Makeup Academy or MUA, are an affordable UK makeup brand that are stocked by Superdrug. This month, subscribers received an email asking them to select their preference among 4 different eyeshadow palettes so that their chosen shades would end up in their box. I chose the purpley toned one however due to a technical glitch by GB, I received this one which is called "Glitter Ball". Glossybox were super quick to point out the error and to advise that they will be sending the one that I actually chose with next month's box so effectively I will be getting two!
I probably would have just assumed that the other one was sold out and forgotten about it so they get points for the great customer service here!

Make Up Academy Glitterball Eyeshadow Swatches

Some of the shades are super sparkly and bright and some have a finer shimmer. I will probably most likely only use the second row and for some reason I am particularly drawn to the pink...Pigmentation seems pretty good and these colours would make a nice festival look if that's your kind of thing :)
The RRP of this is £4.

Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion.

Cowshed Wild Cow Body Lotion

I have heard of the Cowshed brand before but actually have never purchased any of it. They are a brand well known for their use of natural ingredients, botanical extracts and pure essential oils. Also, all of their products are suitable for vegetarians.
This body lotion is a blend of Lemongrass, Ginger and Rosemary along with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. It feels lovely on the skin and is definitely very citrussy so I would probably use this after a morning shower and not after a relaxing bath at night time. Lemongrass is not one of my favourite scents as it can be overpowering and reminiscent of outdoor candles but I will give it a try probably on holidays as it is a handy travel sized bottle. The RRP of the full price version is £20 which is a 300ml bottle and this sample contains 30ml.

Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask.

Mudmasky Facial Detox Recovery Mask

This is a brand I haven't heard of before but it is a clay mask which promises to detox the skin, refine and tighten pores, hydrate, brighten and smooth skin and generally give it a boost. I'm all for a bit of a boost so I will probably give this a try. Currently my face mask of choice is the Primark PS Love to Glow Face Mask which you can read a little more about here but I will put this in the stash box to try when that jar has been emptied. It is a pretty small sample of 20ml so you would probably get maybe 2 uses out of the tube but apparently the RRP of the full sized version of 60ml of product is €69 so that's a lot pricier than the Primark one! The Mudmasky website says that it's suitable for men or women and in addition to the usual instructions it advises to wait for 10 minutes before applying moisturiser so that might be worth noting..

Spa To You Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush and Massager.

SPA To You Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush and Massager

This is the same brand that brought us the unusual Konjac Sponge in a previous Glossybox - which you can read about here.. It is a brush designed to help buff away dead skin cells for a deep but gentle facial cleanse. It has soft bristles and silicone cushions together in the brush head to help massage the skin and improve circulation. The instructions say to wet the brush and use it with your normal cleanser, massaging in circular motions.

Cleansing brushes are well known in the skincare world these days - with the Clarisonic being the most famed on the market but there are many other more budget-friendly options out there too. This Spa To You one isn't battery operated or motorised so you do the work yourself. I've been reluctant to try a cleansing brush in the past but this one seems quite gentle and because you control it yourself it might be easier on my sensitive skin. I'm looking forward to trying this out. The RRP of the brush is £6.99.

Rae Feather Mini Monogram Pochette.

Rae Feather Mini Monogram Pochette

The last product is a result of the Rae Feather collaboration and all subscribers will have received this little canvas pochette which has "GB" monogrammed on it. Apparently Rae Feather's range of accessories are all the rage with fashion bloggers and celebs alike. I'm not sure how they calculated the RRP of £20 as this type of product doesn't seem to feature on Rae Feather's website but regardless it will come in useful for the handbag. I use a couple of different pouches in my handbag for makeup, personal items etc as it makes everything a lot easier to find in the cavernous Mary Poppins bag.
The only drawback is the cream coloured canvas as this will potentially get dirty very quickly.

Overall, a pretty good Birthday box from Glossybox this month and as I mentioned, their customer service has really stood out to me also. I'm looking forward to seeing what September's box brings :)
Are you a Glossybox subscriber? If so, what were your thoughts on this month's box? Do let us know in the comments!

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