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Current Perfume Favourites

Current perfume favourites Burberry, Armani, Lidl

I inherited my perfume obsession from my Mam. She always had bottles of her favourite fragrances dotted around the house – in the bathroom, in her handbag, and on her dressing table. Whenever she went on holidays with my Dad she would come back fully stocked up again after combing the Duty Free for bargains. She still has quite an impressive stash but sadly we have very different taste so I can't borrow any of her collection. She always had a few firm favourites that she stuck with and I find I have definitely developed the same habits over the years. Today I thought I would share some of my current favourites with you.

Suddenly Madame Glamour by Lidl.

Coco Mademoiselle Dupe Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour

Yes, you heard me correctly, I said Lidl! Their perfume range may not be well known but they do three different fragrances currently, all “inspired” by designer favourites. Suddenly Diamonds, which I have also bought several bottles of in the past, is very similar to another favourite of mine- Hugo Boss’s Boss Orange, Suddenly Woman 1 is said to be very reminiscent of the classic, more “grown-up” Chanel no.5 and this particular one is inspired by Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle.

It really is very similar scent wise and the packaging, although not as luxurious as the real deal, is sturdy enough. It retails at under €4 so really I can’t complain. If you are looking for a day to day perfume then this really is a great buy. The staying power is surprisingly good considering the price too. This one is a 50ml Eau De Parfum and costs €3.49. Yes. I did say €3.49!! It is an oriental-floral type of fragrance and while I have never owned Coco Mademoiselle, if I could afford it I would! Perfume snobs swallow your pride and get yourselves to Lidl pronto. I am guilty of being one of those perfume snobs myself sometimes so I know how it is...

Si by Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani Si perfume

My husband first bought me this a few years ago for Christmas. It was only just launched at the time and he used his tried and tested method of going into the store and asking them what was the newest in and popular among my age group. The girls recommended this to him and ever since it’s been a firm favourite of mine. It's classified as a "chypre" fragrance - whatever that means - but to my untrained nose, it's slightly sweet, with musky and vanilla notes as well. Whatever it is, I love it and it's nothing like any other perfume I've had before. 

My Burberry from Burberry.

Burberry My Burberry Eau De Parfum

I have my well-trained husband to thank for this one also. He went away on a work trip and picked this up in the Duty Free for me on his way back. It is a timeless, elegant fragrance without being too overpowering.  It's classed as a modern British floral - with Burberry themselves saying it smells like a London garden after the rain. Burberry describe it as follows: "Top notes of sweet pea and bergamot fuse with a geranium leaf, golden quince and freesia heart, rounded out with a base of patchouli and rain-tipped damask and centifolia roses". 

To me, it's elegant but modern at the same time. Even the bottle is classic Burberry as the lid is inspired by the buttons on their famous trench coats. The fact that there’s glitter in the bottle and a dainty bow doesn’t hurt either. It is quite spendy so I keep this one for “special” occasions. It's a beautiful fragrance and almost too pretty to use. 

Chanel Allure.

Perfume Favourites Chanel

This is my all-time favourite perfume. Without question. If I could bathe in it and not wear any other perfume ever again I would. Sadly my budget won’t allow that so I have to be a bit more sparing with it but luckily a little goes a long way. I’ve run out at the moment but when I have finished some of the above I will be heading back to my Chanel friend again.
The fragrance is again hard to describe but you can’t beat Chanel if you want to feel like a million dollars. It's a fresh, floral, oriental which even Chanel themselves say is difficult to define. Beautiful and elegant are the only words I can use to describe it.

What are your favourite fragrances? And if you could only wear one perfume for the rest of your life what would it be? Feel free to share and enable my perfume addiction : )

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  1. I have been love with the Chanel Perfumes for a long time especially the legendary N5 and Chanel Allure. Perfume by Chanel is the must have fragrance in everyone's shelf. Thanks for you sharing your's favourites.