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Aldi Caviar Illumination Day Cream Review

Aldi Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream

There seems to be a bit of a skincare theme going on with the blog this week – first a night time skincare routine and now today's Steal is a skincare bargain that I’ve been testing out for the past while. If you have read my last post, you will see that my skincare is a mix of both high-end and more affordable brands. A higher price doesn’t always mean that the product will be the best for your skin – which is why you might like today’s bargain!

I do most of my grocery shopping in Aldi and when I saw this on the shelf on one trip a few weeks back I was immediately curious. I hadn’t really read much about it but I knew by looking at the packaging which luxury skincare brand they were trying to emulate. Even the packaging is very similar to the La Prairie Skin Caviar which would set you back almost €400! This much more purse friendly option is the Aldi Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream.

So what does it claim to do ? Aldi refer to this as "Luxury anti ageing care for radiant and luminous skin". It contains caviar extract, which is known for being rich in protein, vitamins and minerals that boost the skin and fight signs of premature ageing. Another bonus is that it contains SPF15 as well. There is also a night cream in the range which I did pick up as well but I'm using up my current night cream first before diving into that one!

I've been using this probably for around the last 5 weeks, and I have to say I'm really impressed. First up, we all want that little bit of luxury in our day and the jar itself feels luxurious. The cream has a lovely, light scent - slightly reminiscent of a classic sun cream - but not smelling "cheap" unlike the serum I mentioned recently! The cream itself is a rich texture without leaving a greasy feel and absorbs easily into the skin too. My skin is noticeably softer and smoother and I do see a hint of more of a glow to it as well. 

Aldi Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream

And the price of this little beaut? €8.99 for the day cream and the night cream also. This appears to be regular stock in Aldi now although originally last year I think it was part of their "Special Buys". I for one will be keeping my fingers crossed that they bring out more products in this range and I'll be looking out for a gift set as we get closer to Christmas! If you are in the market for an anti-ageing cream and something with a bit more richness than your average light day cream, then you need this in your life! Even my husband is a fan after he tried it one day when he ran out of his "manly" stuff. He still steals some of it every morning..

Have you tried this or the night cream or any skincare from Aldi recently? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Bye for now and have a lovely weekend,


  1. This was too heavy for my skin but there aren't many creams that are suitable for me. It just made me breakout, too rich for very oily skin. I passed it on to a friend and she loves it.


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