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What to pack in your hospital bag

First of all, if you’re reading this, then you are most likely expecting a baba soon, so congrats! How is the heartburn? And the morning sickness? And the incessant going to the loo? ?

You are also possibly a bit anxious about the whole labour and delivery that’s ahead of you and wondering when you should start preparing for the big arrival! I had a chat with a friend recently and she’s expecting her first baba very shortly and the subject of hospital bags and what to pack came up so I thought I would do a little blog post on the topic. I also created a printable checklist for you to use when packing your bag and the baby’s bag. I’m not a midwife or an expert in any sense so I won’t go into the whole labour topic and every Mum’s experience is different but at least I can help you get prepared with your packing!

Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge worrier and panicker so I probably started shopping for and packing the hospital bags a bit too early – I like to be prepared which my poor husband will vouch for! He watched me pack and unpack both bags several times in the weeks before Little Man decided to make an appearance.  I was paranoid about not having everything we would need but at the same time panicking that I was packing too much. I made list after list and probably ended up having everything ready to go by about month 7. And in the end, himself only decided to appear a day early! The midwives usually recommend to have everything ready to go around 32 weeks.

Anyway, let’s get to the point shall we. You will need some items for the delivery ward to keep you comfortable and as fresh as possible (not always the easiest in these situations), and a few distractions to take your mind off the contractions. The baba will also need clothes and nappies for when they arrive. You might also want to pack a couple of little bits for your partner/birth partner in case you are there for the long haul!

 Then you will need another bag of bits and pieces for both of you the ward after delivery for the couple of nights that you will probably end up staying in. On your second or subsequent baby you might end up wanting to check out of there sooner. I watched in awe as another room mate left the morning after having her son – me on the other hand, I wanted to be kept in there as long as possible to learn all the stuff I was meant to know, never mind figuring out the feeding! For instance, how to change a nappy and how do you bathe one of these tiny humans? And just what am I meant to do with this umbilical cord thing? 

I brought more than what is on this already substantial list and ended up not needing all of it – so what I have included are the essentials for both of you for maybe a 2 night hospital stay. Hopefully you will be able to dispatch a partner or family member for extra supplies if you need them so try not to overpack like I did if you can! 

Bear in mind also that this list is based on what Irish hospitals say you need to bring. Some countries’ hospitals may provide more but in Ireland and the UK at least, you are expected to have almost everything to hand yourself! 

See below for the link to the downloadable checklist - hope it helps and good luck with the impending arrival! :) 

Hospital Bag Checklist

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