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Getting healthy for July!

Getting healthy for July

No point in telling fibs – I’ve been seriously lacking in the healthy eating recently. Exercising has been non-existent too and I have no more excuses left to make. Lots of comfort food and eating on the go due to not being prepared, and here I am with an extra few pounds after creeping on. And that’s on top of the extra ones that shouldn’t be there in the first place! It's time to stop feeling sorry for myself about it and realise that it’s no one’s fault but my own and to do something about it! Clothes are getting snugger and there is the potential for a family sun holiday later in the year so time to get cracking and make a few changes! Yes, I do work full-time and yes, I do have a two year old to take care of, but we all have the same hours in the day and some people seem to manage it so surely if I make a bit of an effort, I can too right? I’ve set myself a few simple goals for the month of July.

 I’m starting with the following small daily habits to change in an attempt to over time make these new habits part of my daily life and so that I don’t miss the old rubbish!

Drink more water. 

Drink more water

We have a water cooler in the office and I have a cold tap at home so there’s no excuse to be reaching for the Diet Coke or the 7up Free. I’ve been kidding myself that because they have no calories, they’re okay but there are so many other ingredients in them that I shouldn’t be drinking and water is so much better for the skin, digestion, everything really. Little Man is great at drinking water and he tasted 7up once and didn’t even like it so it’s time I practiced what I preach.

Cut down on caffeine.

Drink less coffee

This is never going to disappear from my life so I’m not going to kid myself. If I could reduce it to three cups of coffee during the day and herbal or fruit teas later on then I’ll be happy. I actually do really like the Red Berry and Mint teas from Lidl so that shouldn’t be too much of a chore.

Eat more fruit and vegetables. 

Eat more fruit and vegetables.

Again, of late, I have been really slacking with this. I add lots of veg into curries, lasagnes and pasta dishes for the family meals but in terms of breakfasts, lunches and snacks I could do a lot better. A lot of it comes down to the excuse of lack of time for meal prep so I plan on prepping a load of fruit, veg and salad items in advance and leaving them in containers in the fridge. I saw a great idea on one of Anna Saccone’s "What I Ate Wednesdays" videos recently which was to chop up a load of fruit, mix it with an Innocent Mango and Passionfruit smoothie and pop it in a big container in the fridge to take from as required. I made this up last night and it is actually really delicious!  I’ve also stocked up on fruit that I like to snack on so that I can put this in the bag for work in the mornings – apples, bananas, kiwis and peaches are all easy enough to carry about.

Stop eating after 8pm.  

Watching the clock

As I mentioned, I am a comfort eater, and prone to sitting down with a book or the ipad and something bold to snack on in the evenings. What worked for me before was to tell myself that the kitchen is closed after a certain time and to only drink water or herbal teas or a low fat hot chocolate if I wanted something. Sometimes, Little Man and I don’t eat together. Depending on how tired he is, he might eat earlier so that we can start the bedtime routine on time. And as a result I might not be having my dinner until 8 o’clock or so when he’s gone to bed. If I can manage it more, I will make an effort to have dinner at the same time as him and then the temptation to pick at his leftovers is gone too!

Stop skipping breakfast.

Stop skipping breakfast

 Again, if I’m going to instill good habits into our son then I need to lead by example. Skipping breakfast is a false economy. Not only am I reaching for something that is disguised as healthy like one of those popular breakfast bars, I end up getting a latte or cappuccino to go with it so it probably ends up costing me more in terms of calories and sugar than a bowl of porridge or Weetabix with fruit. Again I usually fall back on the lack of time excuse. I now have a packet of Weetabix in my drawer at the office for “emergencies” and the sachets of porridge are great too – for speedy cooking as well as portion control. Add some fruit in and even I might be able to manage to make this a daily habit..

Get 20 minutes exercise a day. 

20 minutes exercise a day.

There is no way I’m going to get up at 5am to go to the gym or go for a run before the toddler wakes up. There is also limited time in the evenings so in an effort to work around this, I’m going to make a conscious effort to go for a brisk 20 to 25 minute walk each day during lunchtime. Granted it won’t be an hour long boot camp session but it’s a start. As a family we also definitely need to go for more walks so if the weather is fine at the weekends I’ll be dragging the Husband and little fella out.

I'm okay but in a year I'll be amazing.

To any #fitfam peeps out there, I realise all of this sounds very amateur and not exactly likely to give me a six-pack or buns of steel. But I figure I have to start somewhere and create basic healthier habits first. Big trees, little acorns and all that!

What are your top tips for resisting temptation? And what are your weeknesses/downfalls when it comes to healthy eating and exercise? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Bye for now,

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