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Lidl Miomare Professional Cosmetic Brush Set Review

Lidl Miomare Professional Makeup Brushes Black and White

Happy Bank Holiday Friday folks! : ) If you follow me on, Facebook,you may have seen the news that Lidl’s weekly specials this week include a set of professional makeup brushes. The set of 10 brushes with a matching faux leather holder are retailing at €9.99 from yesterday Thursday 28th July while stocks last.
The sets come in three different colours – black, red and a black and white stripe. Me being the easily led makeup brush obsessed person that I am, I made it my mission to pick up one of these at lunchtime yesterday. The black and white stripe in particular caught my eye so that’s the one that I went for!

I have bought some brushes from this Miomare brand at Lidl a while back – and I did a quick run through of those in a previous post which you can check out here. I actually still use the other set quite often – the spoolie, eyeshadow brush and powder brush in particular, so I was keen to try one of these sets out too.

The set contains the following brushes:

Large Powder Brush
Lidl Large Powder Brush black and white

Small Powder Brush
Lidl small powder brush black and white

Blusher Brush
Lidl Blusher Brush Black and White

Foundation Brush
Lidl Foundation Brush Black and White

Concealer brush
Lidl Concealer Brush Black and White

Eyeshadow brushes ; Angled Brush, Crease Brush and Blending Brush.
Lidl Eyeshadow Brushes Black and White

Lip Brushes: Lip Brush and Fine Lip Brush.
Lidl Lip Brushes Black and White

First Impressions:

On opening the box, the holder was a little scuffed but I can get over that as no one else is going to be looking at it other than me! The holder and the brushes are shorter than I expected, which is actually good for space saving and for travelling. For comparison, the holder is probably about two inches shorter than the recently relaunched Primark/Penneys one.

The brushes themselves feel surprisingly sturdy. The handles are made of a light wood as opposed to plastic which some of the budget brushes are made of. The silver ferrules also feel strong enough. The bristles are definitely synthetic but then for this price would you expect more? The powder, blush and foundation brushes are super soft. The smaller you go with the brushes, you definitely notice their "synthetic"ness (sorry, I'm making up words now) more, but I do especially like the concealer brush and the eyeshadow blending brush.  The angled eyeshadow brush makes more sense to me as a brow brush, but if you were into gel eyeliners it would be good for that also. It's actually finer and a bit smaller than my trusty Real Techniques brow brush and I think it may even work better than my old reliable to get a finer more realistic hair-like finish. 

So in summary, are they worth snapping up? 

Definitely! I will absolutely be using all of these brushes and the fact that they come with the holder makes them great for travelling. I would also recommend them as a starter kit for anyone looking to purchase their first set of brushes but not wanting to invest an arm and a leg to begin with. No, they are not Nima or Sigma Beauty or Blank Canvas brushes but I am very impressed for the price. And the black and white stripe in particular is rather fancy!

I would say though that these are unlikely to stay on the shelves long so if you’re looking to try them out you better be quick! If they do sell out, do keep an eye on their weekly offers as they often do beauty specials and may have something similar again.

Have you picked up a set and what did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Bye for now,

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