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Freedom Makeup London Pro Strobe Palette Review

The quest to find the perfect contouring products to get that perfectly sculpted, defined face is one we've all been through. New contouring palettes seem to be launching all the time and it can be overwhelming when trying to choose the correct one for your skin tone and also to make the choice between cream or powder products.
Cream contouring is not something I would attempt for an everyday look for the office as it can be quite heavy and also it takes time to make sure that everything is properly blended as well.
For that reason, I tend to stick to powder contour products or bronzer for daytime looks and up until recently I had stuck with my old friend the Sleek Face Form palette. I am quite pale-faced so the Light palette from this range has been great to add a bit of colour without looking muddy or orangey.

However, recently I noticed that the Pro Strobe Palette from Freedom Makeup was getting a lot of good reviews from fellow beauty bloggers and Youtubers. The girls from Matte to Metalic raved about this recently and published a list on their blog of Freedom makeup stockists.

Curiosity got the better of me so when I saw that there was a stockist near my office, off I went on a lunchtime expedition. This particular pharmacy – Your Local Pharmacy in the Beacon South Quarter - will bankrupt me – not only do they now stock Freedom Makeup but they also have a small range of Makeup Revolution products – and they stock the Flawless makeup brushes that I wrote about here. This kit will set you back €15.00.

Freedom Makeup is another UK brand which is marketed as more of a “professional” range for makeup artists and beauty professionals than the Makeup Revolution and I Heart Makeup sister brands.As such it appears to be slightly more expensive but still a very affordable range.

This palette contains 6 powders – three matte contour shades – a light, medium and darker shade. 

Freedom Makeup Pro Strobe Palette Contour Shades

It also contains a light matte highlighting/setting powder, a banana shade powder, and a shimmery highlighter. The palette also comes with a flat contour brush which is extremely handy. I am by no means a contouring expert but the shape of this brush makes it really easy to get into the hollows of your cheeks – or to create hollows where they should be in my case! 

It is very similar in appearance to the Lorac Contour palette – even down to the fact that both palettes come with the brush – and if you saw my recent posts on Facebook and Instagram, you will see the similarity. I can’t comment on whether they are similar performance-wise as I don’t own the Lorac one currently but for my budget, this is a great option. I use the medium contour shade for sculpting the face – and even though I’m as pale as I said, it works well and is still quite subtle. The matte highlighter shade is perfect for setting concealer under the eyes and adding a bit more brightness to that area.
I haven’t used the banana/yellowy shade yet but this would also be good for under eye setting and brightening. Below is the highlighter swatched - the two pale powders are so light that you could barely see them swatched so I didn't include the pic here!

Freedom Makeup Pro Strobe Palette Highlighter Swatched

The shimmery highlighter is gorgeous. It is nice and finely milled with no chunks of glitter and gives a lovely subtle glow to the tops of the cheeks and anywhere else you want that “glow”. If you wanted to add more “oomph”, it is definitely buildable so you will obviously be able to add as much glow as you want. 
Another great thing about this palette is that all shades can double up as eyeshadows. Multitasking products are great for busy Mums and this would be great for travelling to save on packing space – if you would like to read more about summer holiday makeup you can read about it here in another recent post here  .
I would definitely recommend this palette if you are looking for a new powder contour and highlighting kit or for a first kit to start out with. It is very good value for the amount of shades that you get – and considering that most makeup brushes would cost you the  €15, never mind the products themselves, to have a brush included is really handy. I have a feeling this is going to become a firm favourite in my daily makeup routine..
What’s your favourite product for contouring? And have you tried anything from the Freedom brand? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!
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