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Must-have beauty tools

Must have beauty and makeup tools

There's no point in spending your hard earned cash on quality makeup if you don't have the right tools to apply it with and a few staple tools for general face maintenance :)
By the same rule, even budget or high-street makeup can look super fancy and flawless if you apply it with the correct tools. So today I thought I would share with you the beauty tools I use pretty much every day that I couldn't do without.

A good quality foundation brush.

Blank Canvas F20 Foundation Brush and Estee Lauder Doublewear

Whichever your choice of brand, a good foundation brush really helps to give a flawless finish to your base. I know a lot of people like to apply foundation with their fingers and each to their own but I much prefer a nice soft brush like the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20. (I wrote about this brush too in a previous Monthly Favourites post which you will find here). I find that using this to stipple the foundation on as opposed to sweeping the brush around makes the whole process a lot faster too.

A beauty blender/sponge.

Concealer and beauty blender

Some people apply their foundation with these little egg shaped yokes but I found that I was ending up either wetting the sponge too much or too little so that I never really got the right coverage out of my foundation. So instead, I use these to put concealer under my eyes and areas that I'm trying to highlight with concealer. It's also handy to get into the nooks and crannies that your foundation brush can't get into.


Browtician tweezers

I don't get my brows done professionally as often as I should as I really don't have the time or the patience. So I tend to do my own maintenance with my trusty tweezers and only go to the salon when it looks like I've got two caterpillars on my face. If you are a regular salon goer, you will still need a tweezers for minor touch ups and stray hair removal. Go for a pair with a flat, angled edge and buy as high a quality as you can afford. And don't try to reshape your brows yourself! I speak from experience here! :)

Eyebrow brush.

Real Techniques Brow Brush

I use one of these everyday to tidy and sharpen said caterpillars.It is a firm, angled brush with coarse bristles that is used for either a brow powder or a brow gel/pomade. I tend to outline my brows with a dark brown pencil first, then fill in with a brow powder. It's probably one of the quickest parts of my morning makeup but it makes such a difference, especially for me as I am naturally fair so I have very light eyebrows.

Cotton buds.

Cotton buds and Simple Eye Makeup Remover

If like me, you are guilty of blinking when putting on liquid eyeliner or sneezing when you've just put on mascara - dip one of these in your usual makeup remover and dab onto the smudge and voila! They're also great for getting the last bits of product out of a bottle especially pump bottles where you know there's still product left but you can't get it out. If it's your favourite product then you won't waste any of it :)

A pencil sharpener.

NYX Lipliner Pencil and Primark Pencil Sharpener

This sounds obvious but if you use a lot of lipliners or eyeliners that aren't retractable - they can wear down fast and you will get a much better line on your lids and lips if you keep them nice and sharp.
Go for one that has a little cover to keep the parings in and minimise the mess and make sure it has the two different sizes as well so that if you have chunkier lip pencils or eyeshadow pencils then you have one that's multipurpose. These are pretty much available anywhere that sells makeup.

I think that's pretty much everything that I would use every day. Have you any tools that you use that I mightn't have mentioned above and that you can't do without? Do let us know in the comments- you know I'm rather nosey and always looking for more time-savers or any excuse to shop! :)

Bye for now,
C x

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