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Makeup Products I Regret Buying

Makeup products I regret buying

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Today's post is something new for me and is on the subject of disappointing products. I know sometimes it may appear that I absolutely love every beauty and make up item that I buy and that I never feel let down by anything. They mightn't always make it onto my blog or my Facebook or Instagram, but believe me, I have wasted my hard-earned cash many times after falling for the hype surrounding a product!

This month, the items I was feeling hard-done by with coincidentally all seem to be eye products - just the way it seemed to end up! They are all high-street/drugstore brands too so that at least they didn't cost an arm and a leg..

Penneys/Primark PS Pro HD Brows Longwear Eyebrow Pen.

Primark PS Pro HD Brows Longwear Eyebrow Pen

I was so eager to try the new PS Pro range when it hit Penneys stores recently and I have been impressed by a few of their products so far. I really liked the foundation and their primers – which you can read a recent review of here- and I was curious to try this out. I had never tried an eyebrow pen before and most of the brow products I have had success with have been pencils. This looked like a felt tip pen and in theory it is a good idea. I went for the medium shade 02-Brooke as my hair is dark brown at the moment but I have naturally fair and sparse eyebrows. Too much plucking in my teens..enough said! The colour of this came out almost a reddish colour to begin with, then as it dried however it went more of a dark reddish brown.  I found it hard to get a natural, authentic look with it and after I had done my two brows the pen had almost dried up already! It really doesn't allow you to get the feathery strokes to make your eyebrows look more naturally defined and I just don't seem to get the point of this. 

Penneys/Primark PS Pro Longwear Graphic Eyeliner Pen.

Primark PS Pro Longwear Graphic Eyeliner Pen

Sorry Penneys, another disappointment from your new range. This is a felt tip liner pen which is meant to be long lasting and is black in colour – their only shade option as far as I’m aware.
I love a liquid eyeliner and I pretty much use one every day. The felt tips are a better option than a brush applicator type if you are new to liquid liner or if you don’t have the steadiest hand.  However the nib on this one is waay too thick to get any sort of a thin line on your lash line. It actually reminds me of a permanent marker in size so unless you are going for the super-think liner “Adele” look then leave this one on the shelf. However, the felt tip liner in their standard PS make up range is pretty good and a much thinner nib so try one of those instead if you are looking for a budget eyeliner to start off with!

Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara.

Rimmel Volume Colourist Lash Tint Mascara

I picked up this mascara in Boots recently, totally on impulse, when I saw that it contained a lash tint complex and was meant to darken your lashes over time. I figured that if it did work then it might take the very “bare” look off my lashes when not wearing mascara and that it might come in handy for holiday time. However in my opinion, this is not a volumising mascara. It might provide a darkening over time if you stick with it, but for me, throughout the work day I started to get some product transfer under my eyes and it really didn’t add the volume that I was hoping for. If you are looking for big lashes from a drugstore brand, then I would recommend the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara instead. I can’t give this to anyone else to use now as mascara isn’t something you should share, so this will more than likely go to waste. 

Essence Colour and Shape Eyebrow Gel.

Essence colour and shape eyebrow gel

This was the first gel-type brow product I’ve tried. I’ve read all the reviews about all the higher end brow pomades like Anastasia Beverly Hills and so on but I decided to start with a lower end option first. Normally I use a Real Techniques angled brush with a brow powder from So Susan along with a Nicka K brow pencil. This budget buy from Essence didn’t do anything for my brows. It’s not very pigmented and would need an awful lot of product to get the colour I was looking for and it didn’t apply smoothly or easily to the brows. Maybe I should try a higher end variation of a brow gel/pomade but this little pot definitely isn’t for me.

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer.

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer

My usual concealer of choice is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and I would go so far as to say that it is my favourite concealer so far of all that I’ve tried out. My local Boots was out of the Collection one that I normally go for recently, so I bought the one from Boots’ own Seventeen brand instead thinking they looked similar. Wrong! The Seventeen one is far too watery and I found that when I applied it under my eyes it didn’t blend easily and ended up rubbing at the foundation I had already carefully applied. This will be kept for “emergency” use only but if you are choosing between the two in your local Boots, Collection wins hands-down for me!

Have you tried any of these products? I'd love to hear your thoughts - do you agree or disagree?

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