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Beauty lessons I learnt from the Mammy

Beauty Lessons I learnt from the Mammy

Growing up, I was never the girly one. My older sister was the one who loved dressing up and wearing the matching outfits Mam used to buy us. In fact I was known to throw such tantrums over wearing a dress that I would get so upset I'd end up making myself ill all over it. That is why my big sister is studying fashion and writing a style blog and not me!! :) ( She's on by the way go take a peek ;) ) 
Anyhow, my Mam was big into her clothes, make up and beauty when we were growing up - and she still is. She had bags and scarves that seemed to match every outfit, always had her face on and always left a trail of the prettiest perfume wherever she went.
Some of the things I picked up watching her get dolled up still stick with me and in fact the idea for this post came to me out of the blue one night when taking off my make up.

Which leads me to lesson no.1: always take off your makeup properly at night. Mam was a big fan of Ponds Cold Cream and would slap this on every night then wipe off with a face cloth. Not too dissimilar to the hot cloth cleansers that are flooding the market these days, right?

Ponds Cold Cream and Flowers

Lesson 2: never let your nails get into state. Mam is one of the lucky ones with what I call
"piano hands "- long,slim, elegant fingers with perfectly shaped nails that never seem to break. I, on the other hand, (pun intended), unfortunately am blessed with the short, stubby variety :( She always had perfectly painted nails and there seemed to be a permanent smell of nail polish in the house. I remember going to visit her once when she was sick and she tore shreds out of me because of my nails and the state they were in. Since then I've been embarrassed into not letting them get so chipped and I make sure they're relatively freshly painted when I go and see her. And you know what? She always notices. Every time :)

Lesson 3: don't go anywhere without perfume and a packet of Silvermints. Back in the day, she was the Lou Lou and Rive Gauche type and thankfully she's moved on from those now! Granted we don't have the same taste in fragrance - she's a Chanel no.5 type and I'm an Armani Si type. But I am obsessed with perfume and I always have some in my bag and can identify someone else's fragrance in one sniff. And it's one of the little things that make you feel good on a fat day to spray on your favourite scent.
SPH Woman Perfume DKNY Dupe

Lesson 4: always wear mascara. Mam was never without mascara, believing that no matter how tired you were you should always have eye make up on. It's one of the first things I reach for in my make up bag and if I'm in a rush will skip other steps but not this one.

Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara

Lesson 5: moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. There were tubs of Atrixo everywhere in the house. And body lotions and body oils and face creams. As a result her skin is as soft as a baby's. I keep hand cream on my desk at work, on my bedside table, in the kitchen and I always have a tub of body butter on the go.

Dove Rich Nourishment Body Cream

Lesson 6: stock up on your favourite shade of lippie cause you never know when it will be discontinued. Her favourite bright pink Max Factor shade could be found in nearly every handbag. 

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick Fairly Bare

These were her top beauty products back in the day- anyone remember these?:) Lets just gloss over the lilac and blue eyeshadows eh..

Ponds Cold Cream
Ponds Day and Night Cream
Atrixo hand cream
Lou Lou by Cacherel 
Elnette hairspray
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
Max Factor Lipfinity

Let me know if you have any more beauty tips you picked up from your Mammies :) And if, like me, you have a Mammy who, if she could use a computer, could write a darn good fashion and beauty blog herself. Here's to my ever fabulous, gorgeous Mam. I'd be proud to hear I looked just like her :) 
Bye for now, 

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