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Toddler at the Dentists!

Little Man hates brushing his teeth with a vengeance. If I give him the brush himself, he will just suck the toothpaste off it then run the brush under the tap and just generally make a mess and splash water everywhere. When I'm brushing them for him, it often results in him burying his (toothpasty) face into my shoulder so I can't get at his teeth. Which is great when I'm already dressed and ready for work.. thanks Son..

Like most two year olds, the only way to get them to do anything is bargaining aka bribery.
So while I'm brushing his teeth he gets to play with the soap or his face sponge or anything that will distract him from the toothbrush. Toddlers have a very short attention span usually so if you want them to do anything for you or cooperate you generally have to distract them with something else and get on with what you need to do quickly!

Anyway, we decided that it might be good for him to have a first check up at the dentists to make sure everything was growing as it should and in the right place! Also seeing as he screams blue murder half the time getting his teeth brushed we thought we  should make sure that it wasn't actually a medical problem but just a case of the terrible twos..

Off we went on Saturday morning - appointment timed for 10am so that in theory we could get him there and back in time for lunch and naptime. Whatever chance we had of him behaving when he was fed and rested, we would have had no chance when he was tired and hangry! We had the usual tantrum leaving the house because he wanted to bring something highly impractical with him as usual. This time it was a shoe horn..sigh..

So by the time we got to the dentist, he was mid sulk and worn out from the protests so he actually sat in Daddy's lap on the dentist's chair without too much fuss. The dentist and nurse were both lovely and have obviously dealt with kids before so they knew what they might be in for...

On came the big light and out came the little mirror thing. Little Man refused to open his mouth as usual, clamping his lips shut in quiet protest. I think that was honestly the quietest I've ever seen our child! The nurse tried to show him some stickers...(ah the bargaining again...) but still, no joy.

Out came the "dodie" (soother) then - and there I was waving it in front of his mouth so that he would open up enough for the dentist to get a look in. There was more shaking of the head, more demands for "dodie" but after about ten minutes they had managed to see all of the teeth.

Luckily, everything was fine and apparently he has all of his bottom teeth (which means teething is nearly behind us! Hurrah!) and he doesn't need to go back for another year unless there is a problem in the meantime.

We did get a few tips though which others might find useful:

He doesn't eat a lot of sugary foods or have any sugary drinks - but interestingly the dentist advised to keep raisins and other dried fruit to a minimum as they contain a lot of sugar. It seems a raisin stuck in between the teeth can quite quickly cause some damage to little teeth. Little Man loves raisins though so we will have to find an alternative now.

Also fruit juices should be kept to a minimum due to the risk of the acid in them damaging the enamel. Little Man would often have a small drop of juice - maybe 1/4 of his cup full - with his brekkie at the weekends so I guess we will have to be more mindful of this and maybe cut it down to one morning instead of two.

Another tip the dentist gave us was to look for a toothpaste that contains 1000ppm of flouride (adult's ones usually have around 1500ppm). We had been using the Aquafresh Milk Teeth one for 0-2 years but now that he is over two he advised us to move onto the next one. Another reminder that my boy is not a baby anymore! :(

Overall he was surprisingly better behaved than I expected - purely because of timing and luck I reckon! He was let run around the shopping centre and climb the escalators after lunch - which tired him out rather nicely..and he also got to pick out a toy in Easons' - and surprise surprise, what did he go for?

Paw Patrol is his current obsession so naturally he went for this guy.  Honestly, I have the theme song in  my head constantly these days and whenever he sees one of the characters on anything he starts shouting "go, go!"

Toddler 1 - Parents 0. But at least his teeth are ok :)

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