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PS Pro Foundation and Illuminating Primer Review

Primark PS Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation and Illuminating Primer

When I heard about the upcoming launch of the new PS...Pro makeup range from Penneys a few weeks ago I was rather excited. The range consists of key makeup pieces which are said to bridge the gap between high street and high end makeup. Apparently they were designed to give a more professional, longer lasting finish than their standard PS range. When I heard that the range had hit my local Penneys I didn't waste any time getting myself down there! ( Dundrum Town Centre is only a short drive from where I work so I don't need much persuading to take a lunchtime trip).

The range includes three different primers, 5 shades of their longwear foundation, a concealer palette, a redness correcting concealer, finishing powder, 5 lipstick shades, 3 lipgloss shades, and 4 shades of a lip liner pen. For eyes, there is a mascara, eye liner pen, eyebrow pen and an eyeliner correcter. There is also a lip scrub, lip primer and a miracle pencil (a nude liner similar to the NYX wonder pencil)

What I noticed is that there are no eyeshadows, blushers or bronzers in the range. Perhaps if the current products are a success they might add to their range in future- who knows?

I picked up a variety of products in the range so that I could give you a balanced overview. So far, I have tried the foundation and the illuminating primer.

The Longwear Mineralized Foundation:

Primark PS Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation

As I mentioned, there are five shades available in the foundation. I'm rather pale so I went for the lightest shade- Porcelain. It is definitely a fuller coverage foundation- I normally use Estée Lauder's Doublewear so this sounded right up my street. It has been compared to Mac's Pro Longwear by some-I haven't tried but this thiswill give you an idea of the finish it gives.  I am prone to redness in the cheeks and this covered it all up nicely without needing to add too much concealer. I've been using it the past few days instead of my Doublewear and it gives a very similar result. And at €6 it is a fraction of the price. If you like a sheer foundation then this may not be for you but if you like fuller coverage then this is a great budget buy. Doublewear costs €34 so if I can keep this for "good" wear and weekends and use the PS.. Pro one during the week for the office I'll be happy! Here is a rather amateur selfie if you would like to see the results! 

The Illuminating Primer:

Primark PS Pro Illuminating Primer

There are three primers in the range, all designed for different results and all priced at €5.00. The illuminating one is to give a radiant glow under your foundation. The Mattifying one is designed to minimise visible pores and absorb excess oil. The Miracle primer aims to create a smooth, flawless finish, minimising the appearance of pores and fine lines. I bought all three to try out but have only tried the Illuminating one so far but but it gives a lovely subtle glow under foundation without being too "glittery". 

Primark PS Pro Illuminating Primer

I will definitely be repurchasing this! I will share the results of the other primers soon so keep an eye out for those.

Currently the range is only available in selected stores. For a list of UK stockists, click here. Irish stockists appear to be only in Dublin at the moment but hopefully this will be rolled out further soon - see here for details.

I have lots more of the range that I bought to try out and I plan to give them all a go this week if time allows. Keep an eye out on my Facebook and Instagram pages for updates! If you're not following me
there already sure head on over and show some love :) Have you tried any of the range yet? If so what did you make of it??

Bye for now,
C xx

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