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May 2016 Birchbox UK Review

Hey folks,

If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know I'm partial to a subscription box and that I've signed up to both Birchbox and Glossybox. My Birchbox arrived this morning - feels like a little later than usual - and I thought I'd give you a run-down of what was in it.

The theme this month is "For The Dreamers", promising a "dreamy selection of treats" and all of the boxes were to contain one particular item then the rest would vary as usual across the different boxes.
They were running a competition to win a dream holiday so they had this scratch coating on the box like a scratch card that you had to remove to see if you were a winner...I started to scratch where the message would be then discovered I wasn't a winner but had to keep scratching as the OCD part of me wouldn't let me leave the box half grey, half blue..Took me ages to get it all off but anyway...

The first item- which all subscribers got - is the Spectrum Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge. There was a choice between pink and purple and I can't remember if I chose mine or not. Either way I don't think the colour matters hugely - except by fluke this happens to match my nail polish! :) Spectrum is a brand that Birchbox have featured before with one of their brushes although I missed out on that box. This claims to achieve "truly flawless" makeup so we shall see if that is true. I'll be trying this out shortly if I can get the Little Man to keep his hands off it!

Next up is theBalm Cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen. This is a lip and cheek stain - a similar idea to Benefit's tints - except this one comes with a lip gloss type applicator instead of a brush. It is a water-based formula which has a longer setting time than many stains of this type to give time to really blend it in. I think that's a great idea actually because usually they dry before you're finished - at least on me they do - and I end up looking like Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummidge! (If you don't know who I mean - google it now :) ) I really like the look of this and from the swatch on my hand, the colour is very subtle once you blend it and let it dry. I swatched this about three hours ago now and I still can't rub it off my hand so I get the impression that this is quite long- lasting.

Ah, the next item is from one of my favourite bath and body brands ever. I wrote about another of their products in a recent favourites post which you can read here. This is the Rituals Tao Wai Wang White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren Body Scrub. It contains fine particles of Chinese bamboo and white lotus to remove dead skin and calm the senses. Oh my goodness this smells AMAZING. It's similar in fragrance to their White Lotus and Gingko Biloba Miracle Hand Balm which I absolutely loved. I'm going to try this out in the shower tonight in fact as I'm that excited!Their products really do remind me of a luxury spa treatment - and let's face it, it's been a long time since I've had time for one of those!

Next up is the Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. This is a facial scrub containing papaya enzymes, coconut and aloe vera to smooth and brighten the skin. The particles in it feel quite fine so I will give it a try - usually my skin is quite sensitive and prone to redness if I use an overly rough scrub but this one might be ok.

The fifth item is  Beaver International  Hydro Nutiritive Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner. These are meant to be my "new BFFs when it comes to reviving hair", containing avocado oil and aloe vera to hydrate. The shampoo does smell nice and will come in handy for travelling so I will keep it until the holliers later in the year to try it out. I always seem to end up spending a fortune in Boots on travel sized toiletries before holidays so this will save on some of that :)

There was another bonus item in the box - a sachet of Vita Coco Coconut Oil. Apparently this stuff is great for using as intensive conditioner for your hair, as a facial moisturiser, remove eye make up and to use instead of shaving foam. I have to admit though I've only ever used this in cooking and I'm not a huge fan of oils so the jury's out on this for now!

That's everything that was in my Birchbox this month - let me know if you received one too and what you thought of it? Was yours the same or with different products?

Bye for now,
C xx


  1. This looks really good, I cancelled mine because I had a stockpile of products but I might sign up again X

    1. I know! I have a bit of a stash too but that doesn't stop me haha. I have a month by month subscription which is good because I can cancel at any time X