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Lidl Beauty Bargains

Hi all :)

My beauty product collection is usually a mix of a few high end products, mostly mid-priced products and then some budget bits thrown in. I've often found that just because it costs more, doesn't mean it works better! When doing the weekly supermarket shop, I often have a wander down the "weekly specials" aisles and the beauty/skincare aisles to see if there's anything I might want to try out. All in the name of blog research of course :)  On a recent trip to Lidl, I picked up some things which were great budget finds and I thought I would share them with you guys today.

Cien Hydro Hand Cream.

I seem to go through hand cream like there's no tomorrow. Between my desk at work, handbag, bathroom and kitchen sink, I always seem to be running out. I couldn't walk past this handcream when I saw the price of it. €0.99! Seriously!

It contains almond oil and shea butter and is said to be intensely hydrating. It also comes in a generous sized 125ml tube. It has a gorgeous scent - not really "almondy" or "buttery" though like you would expect. It leaves the hands lovely and it also absorbs quite quickly. Sometimes creams containing these types of ingredients can be a bit greasy but I don't have that problem with this one.
It's perfect for my desk at the office as I wash my hands so much at work throughout the day that I would use it up quite quickly but not have to feel guilty about it. Hell I wish I'd bought more than one that day I was shopping! I'll be back!

Cien Nail Polish Remover - Classic.

This is my second time to purchase this product from their range. I'm not particularly fussy over the type of nail polish remover I use. I know I should probably pay more attention but there are other things I'd rather splash the cash on!

This has a handy pump dispenser on the top. You place your cotton pad on the top and press down, and hey presto, the liquid comes out onto the cotton wool.  This is rather clever actually as it avoids potential spilllages and mess - especially handy if you are as clumsy as me :) It also means you can pour out the product with one hand - useful if you are mid manicure and need to clean up a nail and don't want to smudge the rest of em.  This is also great value at €1.89. It also comes in a pink version which is acetone free if this is what you prefer.

Cien Nourishing Facial Toner.

Facial toners are making a bit of a comeback. According to recent research, cleansing alone may leave some residual make up or cleansing products on the skin which can clog up your pores. I'm really trying to be more disciplined with myself about using a toner to see if it makes any difference to my skin.

This toner comes in the same type of bottle as the nail polish remover which again is super handy.
It is alcohol free, contains Lotus Flower and Silk and is suitable for dry or sensitive skin. There is also a Refreshing toner in the range in a blue bottle which is meant for normal or combination skin.
This toner smells really lovely and leaves my skin feeling really fresh but not tight or dry. For €1.59 I'm super impressed!

Keep an eye out on your next weekly shop for these budget winners - and if you do throw them into your trolley, let me know how you get on and what you thought of them :)

Bye for now,
C xx

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