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Bloggerconf 2016 - The Lowdown and Life Lessons

Hi All,

On Saturday last I was one of the lucky bloggers who managed to get a ticket before they sold out to BloggerConf at the Marker Hotel in Dublin City Centre. Founded and organised by Emma O'Farrell of EOF Media, it was a full day conference where top bloggers and influencers came to share their knowledge and for the aspiring to learn from the inspiring.

The lineup for the day included a host of experts giving advice on content creation, photography and other topics to help inspire bloggers and vloggers. A yummy lunch spread was put on where we got to chat with others face to face who we might have only chatted to on a little corner of the internet! And who could say no to some coffee and yummy brownies in the afternoon..

BloggerConf May 2016

I won't go into details as some of you reading this may not be bloggers or aspiring to be one. Instead I'll just give you a summary of my favourite inspirational quotes from the day. These would definitely apply to all areas of business, not just the blogging world so hopefully you will find one that appeals to you. 

The event was MCd by the ever entertaining James Patrice :) 

James Patrice MC of BloggerConf 20166

The experts who were speaking on the day were as follows:

-Maria O'Donnell, Assistant Brand Manager, Lifes2Good. (Headline Sponsors).
-Debbie O'Donnell, Series Producer, TV3's Xpose.
-Keith Browing, UK & Ire Marketing Manager, LinkedIn.
-David & Stephen Flynn, The Happy Pear.
-Pedro Carvalho & Jenny Quigley-Jones, YouTube.
-Sean Earley, Creative Director, New Slang.
-Q&A session with Darragh Doyle, Orla Twomey and John Carroll.
- Sinead Burke aka Minnie Melange.
-Marissa Carter, Cocoa Brown Tan.
-Sara Tasker and Canon Irl.
-Rosemary McCabe.
-Kirstie McDermott, Stellar Magazine.
-Hazel Wallace, The Food Medic.
- Sinead Keavey, William Fry Solicitors.
- Suzy Griffin, Social Media Coordinator for RTE TV.
- Stephen Dunleavy, Google Ireland.

I would honestly be here til the next conference in November if I was to go through everything I soaked up throughout the day!  As you can see we were joined by some real experts and role models from business and tv, print and digital media. Here are the few quick quotes that you might learn from too :)

Sara spoke about upping our photography game and this just really stood out to me. A picture should tell a story after all! 

Sinead is so positive and came across as having a really kind heart. The idea of helping someone climb up the ladder after you succeed is such good advice. She's my new girl crush :)


If you don't already know Marissa's story, she grew her business by hard graft and had her share of knocks along the way. Take her advice and you will do well!

Kirstie encouraged us to stand out, be different and take a risk. Her talk was funny, entertaining and insightful. 

These guys are so full of infectious energy. Their lives are chaotic but somehow it works and they thrive in their busy restaurant and cook book writing.

Rosemary tells it like it is and I love that. She told us to be true to ourselves and to know when to stop arguing with people!

Around 5pm, some of us toddled off home ( to toddlers) and some went off to continue the chats over a G&T. (Guess which group I fell into!). I headed back home, goodie bag and spot prize in hand (thanks Canon!), with my head brimming with ideas. 

If you are an aspiring blogger or vlogger I would highly recommend you check out one of these conferences next time. Oh - and I will be sharing the contents of the goodie bag with you once I've tried them out - makeup, skincare and haircare from some top brands. The chocolate is long gone and Cadburys needs no review! That's all for now- hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! 

C xxx

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