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Where to go for maternity fashion!


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When I was having a chat with a friend the other day who is expecting her first baba soon, the subject of maternity wear came up and the lack of decent options available, especially if you are in need of office or occasion wear!  In Ireland in particular, options are very limited in terms of physical stores to go to – and in a lot of the high street stores that have a “maternity”section, what is in it might be a few tunic tops, maternity jeans and casual shirts. It got me thinking back to when I was expecting Little Man and how I dealt with still needing to have some decent outfits for the office and the times where I wanted to (or had to!) make more of an effort. I ended up looking to online stores for most of my maternity wear – and I thought I’d share with you the best sites and stores that I came across.

There are a lot of times during pregnancy where you feel like cosying up in trackie bottoms and a comfy  hoodie but sadly sometimes one has to make a bit of an effort especially if you work in a corporate environment. And I think it's important for your own confidence too not to totally lose your own sense of style even though you are growing a small human and may feel like the size of a house :) You are still "you" even though a slightly different version of "you".. Hopefully the below might be of some use to some mamas-to-be!

Asos have quite a broad maternity range available – including office appropriate clothes and more casual stuff. They also have a good range of maternity clothes from other brands apart from their own also available on their site. Being able to shop via Asos means if you choose from different brands you will be able to get them all delivered together from the one supplier. That way, you can save on multiple delivery charges which is always a bonus! I particularly like this dress from Asos' own brand which would be great for the office or for a more formal occasion.


This was a surprising one to me and a fairly recent addition to their ranges. You have to search hard for it (like most things in Penneys/Primark!) but they do actually stock maternity jeans and a few other items. (Usually you will find them around the Denim section) They are casual wear items but at significantly lower prices than some other places. I picked up a couple of pairs of jeans from here and if my memory serves me correctly they were around the €20 mark. And let’s face it, a lot of us don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes we will only want to wear for a few months and will probably be sick of the sight of by the time the bundle of joy arrives. They also stock maternity/nursing lingerie as well! These grey jeans found on are lovely and the big elastic bit provides great support for bump as it grows. You can't buy online unfortunately but I think these days most of us have a Penneys/Primark nearby!

New Look - instore or at

If you  have a store near you or prefer to shop from their website directly, they have a good range of smart trousers for work, smarter tops, jeans, and in the autumn/winter time they have some lovely jumpers. The price points are pretty reasonable too. I actually really like this t shirt and would like one myself even though I'm not expecting haha.

Mothercare -instore or at

These guys are of course a “go-to” for many in terms of maternity wear and all things baby and pregnancy related. I did pick up a couple of pieces from there like dresses for work and a couple of casual shirts. Keep an eye out for their sales and you can pick up some great bargains as they tend to have good reductions. This shirt would be a classic colour combo for the office and if you’re not totally sick of it after pregnancy you could  probably still wear it afterwards. At least for the first few months as your body is readjusting again!

If you have a wedding or special occasion to go to, this retailer stocks a range of gorgeous dresses from Tiffany Rose in beautiful jewelled colours with lace and ribbon details.  I didn't have any big events at the time but if I did I would definitely have been drooling over one of these! This navy lace dress is really pretty and they have lots of similar styles there too.

H&M - in store or at

I was pleasantly surprised by the MAMA maternity range in H&M - also something I barely knew existed being a first time mum to be and being that the maternity section is usually in beside the childrens' section in H&M. I picked up a few good basics here - their jeans are pretty good and their tshirts and casual tops too. Oh and don't forget their MAMA  maternity tights - a must-have if you are wearing tights as you just won't get regular ones to stop rolling down over a bump when you get into the third trimester :) This coat would be lovely for this time of year - it's not too heavy but yet because it's specially designed for maternity you will be able to zip it up..I remember not being able to close any of my coats towards the end of my pregnancy - and that would have been through the chilly winter too! Now that H&M's online store delivers to Ireland it is even easier to shop without having to drag yourself and the bump out!

I’m no fashion expert by any means but hopefully the above has given you some tips if you are looking for a new wardrobe to accommodate a bump. And if you have any other places to recommend to other mamas, feel free to share in the comments below :)

Bye for now,

C xx

P.S this post is not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned – all is just my own opinions

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