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Review: Professional Cosmetic Brush Set from Lidl!

I hope it’s not just me that regularly snoops online to check out the weekly specials in Lidl and Aldi  You never know what beauty bargains you’re going to find when all you really went in for was the weekly shop! Recently I saw that Lidl were stocking a set of make-up brushes for the bargain price of €4.99 and I thought that was an offer I simply couldn’t miss. All in the name of research of course hehe.. DH picked them up for me in the Lidl near his office as I had asked him to keep an eye out when he went in for some groceries – the poor man is slowly getting wise to my obsession with beauty and make up!

The Professional Cosmetic Brush Set (by Miomare) includes: 

     Powder brush

    Blush brush

     Eye shadow brush

      Mascara brush

    Lip brush

    Eye liner brush

    Eyeshadow applicator

The brushes also come packaged in a handy leather look travel pouch.

First impressions of these brushes are that they are actually pretty decent quality for the tiny price. They would make a great first set for someone new to make up or who needs a handy compact set for travelling/being on the go.

The handles are quite a light plastic and not as sturdy as some of my other brushes so I don't know how long they will last especially with a curious 2 year old in the house!
I will probably get most use out of the blusher brush (for blush and contouring), the mascara brush for taming the eyebrows and the eyeliner brush also for applying product to the eyebrows as it is an angled type that should work for that.

Note:This was a few weeks’ ago now that the special was running but keep an eye on their website in case they bring them back in future or something similar. If I do find any beauty bargains coming up in either Lidl or Aldi I will keep you posted so keep an eye on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Let me know if you've tried these already and what your thoughts were?

Bye for now,

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